Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Join Eve Rookies – A Corporation for New Eve Online Players

Eve Rookies started out as a name for a website to teach new players about the game. Now we’re a corporation, with our home in Nuken, created by players passionate about helping new players find their way.

Who is Eve Rookies For?

Eve Rookies is for any new player looking for a place to call home for a little while. We are focused on helping new players who are overwhelmed with Eve to figure out what they want to do in the game and where they want to go.

We’re Not a Forever Home

Our corporation isn’t a hardcore anything. We view ourselves as a transition between the tutorial and the next step in a player’s Eve career. Join us, access the resources and help that we offer, partake in our activities and then leave the nest when you figure out who you want to be.

What Does Eve Rookies Offer?

  • 0% corporation taxes
  • access to starter ships and resources for your preferred activity
  • SRP (ship replacement program) for T1 frigate/destroyer/cruiser hulls
  • mentorship in Eve Online activities (and if we don’t have someone who knows more, we’ll find them)
  • handouts for corp activities
  • corp buyback program on modules that we need as well as ore/minerals/blueprints
  • help with rehoming when it’s time, if necessary
  • fun!

What Kind of Activities Does Eve Rookies Partake In?

Ok, lets get this out of the way. Eve Rookies happens to have PVPers as leadership so needless to say, there will be as much PVP as anyone can stomach.

  • Kshal Aideron (a.k.a. Katt Aideron) is a FC for the NPSI (not purple shoot it) groups FUN Inc and Redemption Road. She specializes in new player oriented fleets so always count on things being explained and a slower paced fleet.
  • Dread Nowt is a FC for the NPSI group Bombers Bar. Specializing in HK’s (habakuks where everyone surrounds the BLOPs and waits for the cyno), he can explain all the sneaky cloaky bomber stuff.
  • TescoBunny isn’t an FC (yet) but is more than capable. He is an experienced PVPer and can explain concepts and get anyone fitted for a PVP op.

Now that’s out of the way, here are the other activities that we can partake in!

  • Mining — learn how to mine and be aware of your surroundings so you can avoid getting ganked!
  • Security missions — do level 4 (and maybe level 5!) security missions in a fleet of 12!
  • Abyssals — can do them in groups of 2 or 3!
  • Exploration — go out into wormholes or even low and nullsec to hack as a group!
  • Event sites — from time to time CCP has event sites that may be too hard for one person but become much easier (and more fun) as a fleet!
  • Incursions — Eve Rookies will be starting VG (vanguard) incursion sites once again in the upcoming months!
  • Ganking — this isn’t to everyone’s taste BUT learning to successfully gank teaches one how not to be ganked in turn
  • Ratting — in LowSec or Nullsec. This could be belt ratting (low) or gate ratting (null). Or maybe sleepers WH space!
  • ESS robbing – in Null there are ESS’s with millions for grabs. This tends to include PVP.
  • More! If we can dream it we will do it!

What Are the Requirements to Join Eve Rookies?

Nothing more than wanting to be part of a community built on helping one another grow. You don’t have to have a certain amount of skill points, assets, or game knowledge. Those will come. We want to help those who want to be helped and want to have some fun!