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About Eve Rookies

Last Updated on 2024-01-27 by Kshal Aideron

Eve Rookies is not only a new player resource, but it is also a community that is aimed at new players but open to all. While Eve Rookies (ER) was started as a website to help new players, we have been running rookie appropriate incursion fleets since March 2021. Now we are expanding into other areas of New Eden to not only introduce players to different activities, but to other players as well.

Eve is always better with friends.

Eve Rookies Core Values

  1. Eve Rookies activities are 100% new player friendly.
    • our fits are made to be as accessible to as many players as possible
    • efficiency of the fleet is irrelevant
    • fleet experiences should be inviting (there are feedback forms!). There can be good natured ribbing but we will always try to be mindful of people’s feelings
    • there will always be a “newbro” speech for the activity that explains what to do and where to be
    • questions will always be welcome (and Eve players LOVE answering questions)
  2. Eve Rookies is welcome to everyone in New Eden regardless of which other groups a player is associated with.
    • some activities, like incursions or FOBs may require a player to have an alt that doesn’t have any active kill marks, isn’t part of faction warfare or has an active war dec
  3. We try to make sure that new players never get turned away. We will ask any (J)FC not needed to run a fleet to give up a spot first. If there’s no (J)FC that can drop, we will then ask veteran members to give up a spot. The idea is to share the joy of the activity with a new player instead of having to say no. For all other cases it’s first come first serve. We will, of course, run a 2nd fleet whenever possible.
  4. People before boxes. We allow boxes in our fleets if there aren’t enough real people to fill the spots.
    FC is allowed to be the last box on grid, but a player will always come before a box.
  5. Eve is a game with a lot of depth and there is a lot to learn. We work with new players or players new to activities so we are aware mistakes happen. That’s OK! There will be no cursing, screaming or making someone feel bad. It’s a lesson learned and we move on.
  6. Eve Rookies is about learning how to play Eve. Sometimes we will advertise public ganking fleets or teach players how to do something others find “bad” or “unsavory”. We believe learning the mechanics behind these play styles help a player from falling victim, knowledge is power. Just realize participating is AT YOUR OWN RISK. Not all communities share our view and if you participate you may be barred from playing with them (i.e. ganking or ganking incursion ships).

What is NEVER Acceptable?

  • Toxic behavior – this is defined as anyone whose behavior adds negativity to the situation. We are here to have fun and fly as a community. We understand everyone has a bad day. However, if a pilot is constantly unsupportive and being unpleasant, Eve Rookies leadership reserves the right to remove the pilot from the situation.
  • Exclusivity – we attempt to be as inclusive as possible. We welcome everyone regardless of age (must be 13 or older to play Eve as of CCP), gender, race, identity, religion, ability, in game associations and anything else not mentioned. We’re all here to fly and have fun together.

Who’s Who in Eve Rookies

The following is a list of the of the pilots who keep the Eve Rookies machine turning.


Our leadership are there to make sure the machine stays well oiled. We help problem solve the things our FCs can’t and make sure that the everything stays within the scope of Eve Rookies.

  • Kshal Aideron (CEO)
  • Oliadar Shakiel
  • Rukia Sheragi
  • Sasha Panther
  • Daria
  • Scopique
  • TescoBunny
  • Lord of Reclamation
  • Keiber Neon
  • Sturgis Podmore
  • Bisi

Eve Rookies SIG Leaders

Eve Rookies hosts many different types of fleets over the week. Our SIG (special interest group) leaders, who have stepped up to help manage the activities, are as follows:

  • Incursions: Kshal Aideron
  • Missions: Mick Rose
  • Forward Base: Laxitive
  • Mining: Zephiel
  • Abyssals:
  • PvP: Scopique

If you’re interested in becoming a FC for one of the SIGs, hit up the folks above and they’ll be happy to give you the information you need to get started!

Eve Rookies FCs

The FCs or fleet commanders are here to run fleets for your enjoyment. Remember, they LOVE feedback so make sure you fill out the feedback form linked in their fleet MOTD!

  • Kshal Aideron (allround)
  • Scopique (pvp, missions)
  • Rukia Sheragi (incursions, abyssals)
  • Daria (incursions, abyssals)
  • Sasha Panther (allround)
  • Lord of Reclamation (incursions)
  • Keiber Neon (pvp, incursions)
  • LilWarringCuddles (allround)
  • Mick Rose (allround)
  • Zephiel (mining)
  • Arkhatan (incursions)
  • Sturgis Podmore5 (incursions)
  • Olly Wakwako (incursions)
  • Forlorn Ronin (incursions)
  • Christopher Kishunuba (incursions)
  • Bisi (incursions)
  • Henry Plantgenet (incursions)
  • Lad (home fronts)
  • Serena Wolfzy (mining)
  • Mark Wolfzy (mining)
  • Galok (ratting)
  • Ledan (allround)

Eve Rookies JFCs

Before getting to run a fleet by themselves, a budding FC first runs fleets as a JFC or junior fleet commander. If you’re interested in FCing an activity, check out the links below to see what’s required of a JFC for your favorite activity!

  • Laxitive (incursions)
  • Nina Turner (home fronts)
  • Teirpa (incursions)
  • Halbrad (incursions)
  • Deamon (incursions)

Eve Rookies Public Fleets

All fleets put on by Eve Rookies are open to the public. While every activity embraces our core values, there may be additional rules or guidelines per activity.

To learn about an activity, please click on the link(s) below.