Fri. May 27th, 2022

About Eve Rookies

Eve Rookies is a new player resource created by Kshal Aideron. She created this site for new players to explore all activities within Eve Online that is sanctioned by CCP.

What Do We Do?

Eve Rookies writes articles, posts guides, does interviews and makes videos for players just getting into Eve Online. It is our goal to cover all careers within the game. This means we will cover everything from PVE (player vs. environment) activities as well as PVP (player vs. player). This includes the less popular play styles such as ganking in high sec or scamming and defrauding.

Why Cover Ganking and Other “Bad” Play Styles

If it’s OK with CCP, we’re going to cover it. The fact is, some players like the challenge of scamming or ganking players. It doesn’t matter what you think about it, or we think about it. Someone finds it fun. Plus, by covering these different play styles, new players can watch out for the different well known scams or that they’re being set up for a gank. Knowledge is power!

I’m An Expert in Something. Can I Write an Article?

Hit up Kshal Aideron with an in game mail with what you wish to write about and lets make it happen!