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Eve Rookies 2023 Fleet Statistics

Last Updated on 2024-02-08 by Kshal Aideron

There are a lot of groups in Eve Online and not of them are as active as Eve Rookies. This 2023 statistics page has been created so not only can you see what fleets we’re running, but the activity of those fleets!

Keep in mind, by coming out and flying with us you’re increasing the activity! This makes it more likely that FCs will stand up fleets! It will also help convince would be FCs to step up and start running fleets themselves which only means MORE activity!

Eve Rookies Discord Growth in 2023

I know that this isn’t exactly a fleet, however it’s an important metric to this community’s growth!

It’s pretty amazing that we managed to grow by 1,000 members in just 11 months! And if you’re wondering about December, it looks like Discord did a purge of spam or old accounts.

Eve Rookies 2023 Discord Community Growth

January 20231069+72
February 20231170+101
March 20231268+98
April 20231370+102
May 20231482+112
June 20231580+98
July 20231650+70
August 20231719+69
September 20231798+79
October 20231871+73
November 20232000+129
December 20232023+23

2023 Eve Rookies Incursion Fleets

In this section, we will detail some statistics for the Eve Rookies incursion fleets! You’re going to get to see both how many fleets we ran per month as well as how many new players undocked with us!

Number of 2023 Incursion Fleets by Month

In 2023, Eve Rookies undocked 214 Vanguard Incursion fleets. This averages 18 incursion fleets a month.

MonthFleet Number
January 202319
February 202314
March 202325
April 202326
May 202326
June 202315
July 202314
August 202319
September 202314
October 202310
November 202313
December 202319

Number of New Incursion Pilots in 2023

The chart below shows how many brand new pilots we had every month for incursion fleets. In total for 2023 we had 366 pilots undock with us. That’s 117 more than in 2022. On average we have 31 new pilots join us a month!

MonthFleet Number
January 202340
February 202330
March 202333
April 202329
May 202336
June 202325
July 202335
August 202319
September 202333
October 202316
November 202336
December 202334

Eve Rookies Mining Fleets of 2023

Starting in January of 2023, a player stepped up and started running mining fleets. Of course this snowballed out of control and Eve Rookies now has a full fledges industry wing.

Number of 2023 Mining Fleets

In 2023, Eve Rookies ran 53 mining fleets. This was in all space from High Sec to Null Sec and of course wormhole space. This translates into an average of 1 mining fleet a week.

MonthFleet Number
January 20232
February 20233
March 20234
April 20235
May 20236
June 20238
July 20234
August 20233
September 20233
October 20235
November 20234
December 20236

Number of New Mining Fleet Pilots of 2023

In total we had 133 new pilots that came out for different mining fleets. This translates to an average of 11 new pilots a fleet.

MonthFleet Number
January 202317
February 202310
March 202310
April 20238
May 20235
June 202328
July 20239
August 20234
September 20237
October 202314
November 202312
December 20239