Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Eve Rookies Wormhole Ratting Fleets

Welcome, aspiring Capsuleers! Eve Rookies, in an exciting partnership with wormhole corporation Nevermore, invites you to step into the thrilling realm of wormhole ratting fleets. Whether you’re a newcomer eager to make your mark or simply curious about the mysteries of wormhole space, this is your chance to embark on a high-reward adventure under expert guidance.

What are Wormhole Ratting Fleets?

Wormhole ratting involves venturing into the uncharted territories of wormhole space to engage in combat against formidable NPC adversaries called Sleepers. This lawless and unpredictable frontier offers high-risk but high-reward opportunities, as Sleepers guard valuable resources and loot.

In a wormhole ratting fleet, you’ll team up with other pilots under the guidance of seasoned fleet commanders, making it an exceptional way to accumulate wealth and gain invaluable combat experience in a challenging setting.

While this is a PVE activity, pilots could see PVP action if aggressive neutrals show up in the wormhole looking for combat.

Who Can Join Wormhole Ratting Fleets?

Any player who can fly a doctrine ship is eligible to fly in Eve Rookies ratting fleets. In some fleets there will be a Coercer Navy Issue which is both newbro and alpha friendly. While in other fleets the doctrine may only be Confessors and Guardians.

If you’re involved in faction warfare, have a war dec or active kill right, please let your FC know in advance. While these don’t affect wormhole space, you may be asked to bring your own ship instead of utilizing a handout.

When are the Fleets

The Eve Rookies PVE Fleet Ping channel always knows when the next wormhole ratting fleet will be!

At the moment we have a set of FCs who are more US time zone oriented and then the opportunity to run in another wormhole that’s more EU time oriented. So watch the ping channel as well as the NPSI Calendar!

Wormhole Ratting Fleet Information

Currently there are two different groups that will be hosting wormhole ratting fleets for Eve Rookies. So the fittings, while similar, are still different. When you check the ping channel or schedule, make sure you know what fit you’ll need for what fleet!

Fleet #1: WR Wormhole Ratting Fleet

The WR Wormhole Ratting Fleets are being hosted by wormhole corporation Nevermore. The following is the practical information for these fleets.

WR Wormhole Ratting Fleet Doctrine

These are the fits for the C6 WR (Wolf Rayet) Wormhole Ratting Fleets. Remember, never change the fittings without running it by your FC first!

If you don’t want to purchase your own ship, there are ship handouts available. Please note that your portion of the fleet earnings will be held back until the ship is returned.

If you bring your own ship, SRP is available in the case of FC error, logi error, or a pvp battle.

WR Wormhole Practical Information

Staging: Amarr VIII (Oris) – Emperor Family Academy

XUP Channel: .RVENPublic

Comms: Nevermore Discord

Auth for Discord:

In order to participate in these fleets, you DO have to auth your account with Nevermore. This means you log in with your Eve Online account.

Payout: payout will be calculated and handed out after the fleet by the FC. Isk will be held back for any ships not returned to the FC after the fleet.

Fleet #2: I Haz Crab Fleet Fits

The I Haz Crab wormhole ratting fleet takes place in a different class hole than the WR Wormhole ratting fleet. Thus, the doctrine and setup is different.

I Haz Crabs Ship Doctrine

Please note, ship handouts are available in the wormhole. If you are coming on this fleet, come in a shuttle as you will not need to purchase your ship. There is no upfront deposit for the ship as your portion of the payout will be held back if the ship is not returned.

I Haz Crabs Practical Information

Staging: the location changes depending on where the chain to the wormhole comes out. Often there is 2 or 3 options in the MOTD of the fleet.

XUP Channel: either Bombers Bar XUP or NPSI-Pub. Make sure to check the ping.

Comms: Teamspeak or Discord. Information will be in the fleet ping.

Payout: payout will be calculated and sent out after the fleet.