The following is the official list of ships and fits allowed during the Eve Rookies Incursion fleets. We have worked to try to figure out the cheapest, lowest skilled paths into our fleets while still working towards WTM (Warp to Me’s) “big boy” incursion fleets as they are also shield fit. We do not want to exclude anyone, however, as we have learned the hard way certain things will not work and it just wastes everyone’s time.

  • Only the ships found below will be allowed in our fleets
  • Mods can be upgraded to T2 (exception is the faction web) but can NOT be downgraded
  • Just because your ship does well in assaults and HQ fleets does not mean it will contribute efficiently to VGs
  • If you come in a fit not listed below, you can trade your BS as collateral for a Praxis OR at FC’s discretion they can allow your ships if there are no others in approved ships from the doctrine list.

Note: Our doctrine and fitting may change as we get more experienced and/or CCP updates incursions. FC’s decision is final. There will be no discussions or arguments before the fleet. We are happy to discuss the why or theorycraft afterwards when we’re not wasting 10-11 other people’s time.

Short Range (Blaster) DPS Ships

Long Range (Sniper) DPS Ships

Logi for Eve Rookies Incursions

Note: if necessary, FC and only FC will decide if exceptions need to be made with logi ships. Unless FC says otherwise, the doctrine ship is the Basilisk.

Boost Ship – FC Ship

Note: if you want to FC VG incursions for Eve Online Rookies, the Claymore is the ship that the FC flies. It has the lowest amount of “things to do” so the FC can tag targets, make sure everyone is on the right tag, everyone is webbing and in general doing what they need to do. The claymore is also backup logi in case things start to go sideways.