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Eve Rookies Incursions

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Welcome to Eve Rookies Incursions portal. Our community offers almost daily incursion fleets for all experience levels, from beginner shield Vanguards to the advanced armor Headquarters.

On this page you’ll discover how our community runs fleets, how to advance from the beginner shield fleet to Headquarters, and more! Dive into our various incursion guides, join our Discord for fleet pings and socialization with other incursion pilots, and embark on epic adventures with friends!

Who Can Fly on Eve Rookies Incursion Fleets

Eve Rookies is a public community that welcomes pilots from all over New Eden to fly in our Vanguard and Headquarter incursion fleets! Pilots who fly in our incursion fleets agree to the following:

  1. Follow the Eve Rookies Core Values.
  2. The character being used in the incursion fleet is free of, or does not participate in:
    • War Decs
    • Active Kill Rights against the character
    • Faction Warfare
  3. Does not participate in the High Sec ganking of characters in the incursion community (incursion pilots flying outside of High Security Space is fair game).

Eve Rookies Incursion Information and Resources

Looking for in game channels, our Discord, guides, or other information? Check the information below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to ask in the General Incursion Chat channel on the Eve Rookies Discord!

In Game Channel: Eve Rookies Incursions

Eve Rookies Discord Information

The following is the different Eve Rookies Discord information in regards to Sansha Incursions fleets.

Incursion Status and Fleet Ping Channels

Want to know if there’s going to be fleet(s) today? Check out the sansha incursion status channel as well as the shield and armor fleet pings.

Note: if you are looking for the HQ fleet pings, you’ll want to watch the armor fleet ping channel.

Other Incursion Information and Resources

Below you will find different resources for Eve Rookies Vanguard and Headquarter incursion fleets.

What Incursion Fleets Does ER Run?

Eve Rookies runs the following fleets:

  • Shield Vanguard Fleets: these are beginner fleets for any pilot who has never flown in incursions. Praxis handouts are available. The FC will explain the fleet in depth and continue to support new pilots through the fleet.
  • Armor Vanguard Fleets: if a pilot is enjoying incursions, they can choose to start skilling into armor Vanguard fits. This is an intermediate fleet where pilots are expected to know how to set up for incursions, know tagging order, and how to enter and leave sites properly.
  • Armor Headquarter Fleets: if a pilot decides they want to get into advanced end game content, then they’ll want to progress to the Headquarter fleets. This requires a lot of skills, expensive implants and ships.

When Do Eve Rookies Incursion Fleets Fly?

We are running incursion fleets almost every night of the week! Check out our regularly scheduled fleets below and remember to always watch the #incursion-fleet-pings channel for the most up to date information! There may even be impromptu pings!

All fleets will start taking X’s at the staging location 10 minutes before posted fleet times.

Day of the WeekFleet TypeFleet Time(s)
MondayShield Training Fleet18:00 summer / 19:00 winter
TuesdayShield Training Fleet18:00 summer / 19:00 winter
WednesdayShield Training Fleet18:00 summer / 19:00 winter
ThursdayShield Training Fleet18:00 summer / 19:00 winter
FridayShield Training Fleet18:00 summer / 19:00 winter
SaturdayShield Training Fleet21:00 summer / 22:00 winter
SundayShield Training Fleet18:00 summer / 19:00 winter

Always check the #shield-fleet-pings and #armor-fleet-pings channels in the Eve Rookies Discord for the most up to date fleet information!

The fleet has the following roles:

  • FC: this is the Fleet Commander, who is in charge of the fleet. The FC's word is final.
  • Booster: the person in the booster ship who can apply sebo's and backup rep. Usually the FC.
  • Drone Bunny: drone bunny, or DDD, will have all the assisted drones and send them off to kill things.
  • Tagger: the person responsible for tagging the rats. They will often be the one calling targets as well. This can be the FC or someone else in the fleet.
  • Logi: the 2 ships responsible for keeping ships from blowing up.
  • Blaster: the blasters, or qcq, is the "short range" ships that will web and kill things up close.
  • Sniper: or long range, will be responsible for killing certain rats that never get close or are too dangerous close.
  • Scout: pilot responsible for finding the next empty site. This can be a new player under 90 days old or an alt. If it's a new player under 90 days old, please tip them!

The fleet can have up to 13 people, with 10 minimum. Our fleets are first come first serve and will fly as long as we have 2 logi and enough DPS to be safe.

Eve Rookies Incursions is a shield fit Vanguard Fleet.


There are no exceptions to the above doctrine, please come in the listed ships.

  • Kshal Aideron - EUTZ with 11:30 fleets on Fridays (focus permitting)
  • Lord of Reclamation - random pings
  • Sasha Panther - EUTZ
  • Rukia Sheragi - EUTZ
  • Daria - EUTZ
  • Exar'Kon - USTZ
  • Ledan - AUTZ
  • LilWarringCuddles - EUTZ
  • Sturgis - EUTZ
  • Arkhatan - USTZ

  1. Be part of the Eve Rookie Discord so you can see notifications of upcoming fleets.
  2. Make sure your discord name is the same as the character in game.
  3. Make sure you DO NOT have a war dec, kill right or are in faction warfare. You can create a new alpha to partake if any of these 3 things apply.
  4. Before fleet, read the Pre-Flight Check List
  5. When the FC running the incursion asks for X's in fleet, X with the type of ship you are bringing or in the case of needing a hand out, which ship you can fly. Please only X if you're within 5j of the staging area.

Don't worry, we have handouts. However, due to the cost of the ships, you WILL have to pay the pilot doing ship handouts a deposit that you will receive back when you hand the ship back in.

Praxis: 250 million isk
Basi: 250 million isk
Booster: 500 million isk

Unfortunately, if you want to fly boost you will have to bring your own ship as our boost ships are not available for hand outs.

Yes, we SRP if you buy into it (not obligatory).

15m buys you up to 6b worth of SRP after we pick up whatever drops and insurance.

What instances are SRP'd?

  • FC mistakes
  • Logi mistakes
  • Gankers as long as the fleet followed FC commands

User error, not using an approved ship fit, not listening to FC direction, not docking while being AFK are some instances that do not qualify for SRP.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a section where we’re adding some FAQs about our incursion fleet.

As you know (or at least heard), incursion ships aren't cheap. While our loaner ships aren't billions of isk in cost, because we do welcome the public we want to make sure that we can buy a new ship if someone decides to run off with a ship.

Yes. If you become a trusted regular and friend of Eve Rookies, there will be a point where you're no longer to pay the deposit.

Pretty new. By using a Friend's Link to get the 1 million skill points, players are able to get into a Praxis in about 2.5 weeks if they start an alpha character with flying incursions in mind!

Just like anything in Eve, if you don't want to lose it, don't undock it. While incursions in HighSec are 100% PVE, things happen. We DO allow new players to come along and mistakes can (and have) happened. Incursions are extremely repetitive and people start zoning out (which is why we run for 60 minutes then take a break). And of course gankers are a thing. We do everything we can to reduce the risk of loss, but it's never going to be 100%.

No! Our incursions are open to the public! Of course, if you're looking for a new player corp that can help you with your goals, Eve Rookies is accepting members. ;-D

Lets put this into perspective. For the price of our "cheap newbro/alpha friendly praxis" I can go and lose 9 enyos or 26 thrashers in PVP. For the price of a Nightmare, I can lose about 30 enyos or 88 thrashers and for the price of Dread's maurader I can lose 120 enyos or 352 thrashers. This is NOT a cheap hobby.

So in order to protect people's personal ships and our investment in handout ships, there's still rules. Some are to protect the ship and some are to make sure that we can actually run and make the isk people are expecting (do YOU really want to fly out 30 jumps and only get to fly for 10 minutes? No? Ok, then we have some rules!)

That's really great to hear! We love it when players decide that they want to step up and provide content to other players! Take a look at Becoming a Junior FC and let a FC know when you're ready to take the next step!