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Eve Rookies Mission Fleets

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Welcome to the Eve Rookies Mission Fleets, where the challenges of New Eden meet the steadfast resolve of our community. No matter your skill level, our mission fleets provide a unique and rewarding opportunity to work as a team and immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of Eve Online.

With ship handouts available and a ship replacement program (SRP), we ensure you’re well-equipped for every mission we undertake. Our focus is primarily on Sisters of Eve (SOE) missions, renowned for providing the most valuable Loyalty Points (LP) among all mission factions. Come join us, and become part of a community that takes on the cosmos together.

Why Do Mission Fleets?

While mission fleets in Eve Online are often run as a solo activity, Eve Rookies is centered on community and flying with friends. By fleeting up, we get to enjoy each other’s company while increasing our status with the Sisters.

This is especially benificial to those who have not reached level 4, the most profitable combat mission level.

Who can Join Mission Fleets?

Anyone! At any skill level! However, the character that you bring shouldn’t be in any of these situations:

  • active kill rights
  • in a corp or alliance that has a war dec against it
  • involved in faction warfare

If any of those 3 situations apply to you, you’re welcome to roll up a new character and use your 1 Million Skill points to get into one of the ships listed below!

ER Mission Fleet Ship Suggestions

The following Ships are merely a suggestion for those who don’t already have a level 4 mission ship. You’re welcome to bring your mission cruisers, battle cruisers or battleships.

If you’re not sure what to bring, pick a fitting from the list below. There are a limited number of T1 Praxis, Omen and Gnosis available for handouts.

Note: not all of the ships are cap stable so you might not always be able to self rep. If you can’t use the Drone Damage Amplifier II you can exchange it for a AE-K Compact Drone Damage Amplifier. Upgrade or downgrade T2/T1 drones as needed and don’t forget ammo!

In game mission fitting channel: ER Mission Fits

Eve Rookies Mission Information

The following is the basic information about the Eve Rookies Mission fleets that are being run. Please always check the PVE Fleet Ping channel on the Eve Rookies Discord for the most up to date info.

While any of our FCs could run mission fleets, our two dedicated pilots are Mick Rose and LilWarringCuddles.

Every other Wednesday is a mission fleet. They will typically undock at 18:00 in the summer and 19:00 in the winter. Keep an eye on the Eve Rookies Discord #pve-fleet-pings channel for fleet pings!

Staging in Eve Online means "gathering." Unless the fleet ping says otherwise, missions undock from Simela.

Please X for fleet in the in game channel: Eve Rookies Public

If you have any questions about missions in Eve Online, or our mission fleets, stop by the #missions channel! There are plenty of friendly pilots who are happy to help you out!

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Missions Loot Policy

You’re welcome to bookmark the different locations and come back to loot and salvage. However, the fleet doesn’t actively loot during the actual fleet.