Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Eve Rookies Mission Fleets

Combat missions are one of the PVE activities that are offered to pilots right out of the career missions. There are numerous factions that you can run missions for earning Isk, status with the faction and LP (loyalty points).

The favorite faction that pilots like to farm is Sisters of Eve (SOE). This is because they have nice goodies in the LP store but there’s also only a few faction missions that give negative status with the 4 major factions.

Why Do Mission Fleets?

Although missions in Eve Online can be carried out alone, Eve Rookies strongly advocates flying with friends. By grouping up, we not only get to enjoy each other’s company but also increase our status with the Sisters. This is especially beneficial for those who are not yet able to request missions from level 4 agents.

Who can Join Eve Rookies Mission Fleets?

Anyone! As long as the character you’re flying with doesn’t have any of these 3 things:

  • active kill rights
  • in a corp or alliance that has a war dec against it
  • involved in faction warfare

If any of those 3 situations apply to you, you’re welcome to roll up a new character and use your 1 Million Skill points to get into one of the ships listed below!

Eve Rookies Mission Fleet Ship Suggestions

The following Ships are merely a suggestion for those who don’t already have a level 4 mission ship. You’re welcome to bring your mission cruisers, battle cruisers or battleships.

If you’re not sure what to bring, pick a fitting from the list below. There are a limited number of T1 Praxis, Omen and Gnosis available for handouts.

Note: not all of the ships are cap stable so you might not always be able to self rep. If you can’t use the Drone Damage Amplifier II you can exchange it for a AE-K Compact Drone Damage Amplifier. Upgrade or downgrade T2/T1 drones as needed and don’t forget ammo!

In game mission fitting channel: ER Mission Fits




While any T1 battleship will work for the mission fleet, please refrain from bringing a Maurader. We want to try to give everyone a chance to shoot the rats instead of destroying all the rats before anyone else can!

Logi Ships

While DPS is usually what will keep these fleets alive, the mission fleets are a great place to practice logi if that’s something you really want to do!

Visit the in game fitting channel listed at the top of the fit list to see the logi options if you’re interested!

Eve Rookies Mission Information

The following is the basic information about the Eve Rookies Mission fleets that are being run. Please always check the PVE Fleet Ping channel on the Eve Rookies Discord for the most up to date info.

FC: Various FCs available

Fleet time: Every other Wednesday at 19:00 (check ping channel)

Fleet Staging: Simela

Discord Channel: #Missions

If you have any questions, just ask them in the missions channel!

Missions Loot Policy

You’re welcome to bookmark the different locations and come back to loot and salvage. However, the fleet doesn’t actively loot during the actual fleet.