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You’ve already read about Eve Rookies Incursions! Now it’s about time to undock. Here is our pre incursion fleet checklist! Go over it and make sure you can check off each item for a quicker launch into the Vanguards!

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Before Fleet Starts

  • If you’re bringing your own ship, make sure it matches the ER Vanguard Incursion Doctrine
  • Make sure you are in our public incursion channel in game: Eve Rookies Incursions
  • Make sure you’re on our discord with the incursion role for comms (you need to hear FC but you can type in fleet chat):
  • Make sure if you’re bringing your own ship, you are at the dock up location BEFORE fleet. You will have 5j to make it before we go to the next person for the role.
  • Make sure that you have no active kill rights against you, that you’re not in faction warfare and your corporation is not in an active war dec. If any of this is true, you will not be able to participate in incursions today. However, you are welcome to role an alt so you can join us once it can get into the Praxis!

Before You Undock

  • If you are not flying one of the Eve Rookies handout ships, make sure that you have fit approval from the FC. Try to do this before X’s to expedite the process (so FC can make sure the ship fits doctrine). FC will be checking to make sure:
    • you are flying one of our approved fits (for example, we have learned HQ ships do not perform well in VGs)
    • that you have only upgraded from T1 guns to T2 and have made no other changes
    • that you have faction ammo if not flying T2 guns
    • that you have the faction web on your ship (there are no loaners)
    • that you are using light drones – regular Acolytes are fine (mediums and heavies don’t work in VG’s)
  • If you bring your own ship, make sure you have enough ammo in your hold
  • You have the FC and 2 logi at the top of your watchlist + everyone else below them

When You Undock

  • You immediately turn on shield hardeners and other active modules.
  • Your safety is set to green – learn how here
  • Your shield alarm is set at 95% – Watch video here
  • You have your fleet windows for shield broadcasts where you can hit them quickly.
  • You have the tagging column turned on in your overview to see the tags
  • You have a tab to easily see the rats and nothing else (ordered by name)
  • You set your drones to passive + focus fire

During a Site

  • You are following tagging for the type of ship you are in – Tagging explained
  • Blasters – lock up Niarja or Mara and paint before going to your tags (will not be in range initially)
  • You are assisting your drones to Drone Bunny every time except in OTAs where you only drop drones when 5 Eysters show up.
  • You are webbing your primary tag when close enough
  • Snipers – once targets (even if tagged) are out of your falloff range, stop shooting and help web blasters tags
  • You are broadcasting for shields the moment you’re being yellow boxed
  • You pull drones when the last rat in the last wave hits armor
  • You’re aligning to the next site when the broadcast is up

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