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Eve Online Terminology

Last Updated on 2022-07-03 by Kshal Aideron

The following is a list of Eve Online Terminology as well as more generic MMO and/or game terms. If I forgot something, add a comment and someone will edit the page!

NOTE: this is a work in progress!

Generic Game Terms

  • Hamburger menu: Eve Online makes a lot of use of what’s known as “hamburger menu’s”.
  • NPC: non-player characters such as mission agents, diamond miners and pirates.

Eve Online Terminology

  • Alpha: this refers to the free Eve Online account. Alpha’s are limited to 5 million skill points and are locked from certain skills and ships.
  • Blueprints: used to create items such as ships. There’s limited run blueprints and unlimited blueprints.
  • Isk: the in game currency of Eve Online.
  • Ganker: player(s) who like to jump an unsuspecting player who’s doing PVE activities. Highsec gankers are known as “suicide gankers” due to getting concorded after a gank.
  • Jump gate: this is a gate that you need to jump through to get to the next system.
  • LP: Loyalty Points – earned from doing missions and incursions and can be used to buy ammo, blueprints, plugins and other things.
  • Omega: the paid “premium” account of Eve Online. There are things that are only available to Omega accounts.
  • Overview: a very important window that has different tabs with different views. You see other player ships, planets, star bases, player structures, wrecks, etc in the overview.
  • Plex: a type of currency that can be purchased for real life money and can be sold for isk in game. It can also be used to buy things like ship skins or a month of Omega.
  • PvE: player vs. environment.
  • PvP: player vs. player.
  • System: a system is like a “zone” in other MMO’s.
  • Rats: short for “pirates” a type of NPC in the game.
  • Region: regions are a group of systems in Eve Online.
  • SISI: the Eve Online test server.

Eve Online Ship Terminology

  • Battlecruiser: bigger and slower than cruisers but still smaller than battleships. They’re great in PVP and are standard in level 3 security missions (PVE).
  • Cloak: there’s 3 types of cloak in the game.
    • Jump cloak: 60 seconds of invulnerability after jumping through a gate, as long as you don’t move.
    • Cloak from a cloaking device: omega only, works on any ship but you can’t warp with it.
    • Covert ops cloak: only can be fit on certain ships and you can warp while cloaked.
  • Cruiser: a “medium” sized ship. They’re slower than frigates and cruisers but faster than battleships.
  • Destroyer: a bit larger than frigates and can pack quite a punch. There’s a reason gankers like using them since they’re often cheap and powerful. A favorite of Kshal’s for rookie fleets.
  • Frigate: the smallest and fastest ships in Eve. Small doesn’t mean weak, in a fleet, they can eat battleships for lunch.
  • High slot: the high slots generally have the ship weapons (or lasers for mining), probe launcher, cloak, and more.
  • Low slot: generally contains passive mods like damage control, warp core stabilizers, or things to help with CPU/power grid. But you can also fit armor/hull repair modules and assault damage controls.
  • Mid slot: the mid slot is where you put your micro warp drive/afterburner, shield boosters or hardners, and EWAR (electronic warfare mods i.e. tackle mods).
  • Modules: (or mods) things that can be fit (attached) to ship in the high, middle and low slots.

Eve Online PVE Terminology

  • Assault incursion sites: are incursion sites that can run with 20-21 pilots in high sec.
  • Headquarter incursion sites: incursion sites that take up to 40 pilots in high sec.
  • Incursion: high end PVE fleet content that can involve 13 to 40 pilots depending on the type of incursion site. Incursions appear in high sec, low sec and null sec.
  • Vanguard incursion sites: incursion sites that run with 10-13 pilots in high sec. These are the incursion site(s) that Eve Rookies run regularly.

Eve Online PVP Terminology

  • Tackle: to tackle is to hold down an opponent so that they can’t get away. Tackle is important in both solo and fleet PVP. In general, the “holy grail” of tackle is webs, scrams, and points (warp disrupt). There IS reason you would use webs in PVE, especially incursions.

Eve Online Fleet Terminology

There’s certain terminology that you’ll hear on fleets.

  • Align: you can double click on a jump gate, station, celestial, etc in your overview and your ship will start aligning to it. Learn more about aligning here.
  • Backseat: the backseat is the FC who can take over the fleet to save it or restore order if the JFC makes a mistake or becomes overwhelmed. In short, the backseat is the person responsible for the safety of the fleet.
  • Bubble: a bubble is a warp disrupt bubble that can be found in NullSec or wormhole space.
    • Mobile warp disruptors: these are bubbles pilots can carry in ship cargo holds and put up.
    • Interdictor bubbles: bubbles blown by a ship called an Interdictors or HICS (heavy interdiction cruisers).
  • Burn: 2 meanings…
    • BURN back to gate: after you’ve just jumped through a gate, the FC wants you to decloak and burn back to the gate you just came through.
    • BURN to X system: when a FC says burn to (system), then they want you to get yourself there as fast as you can. A lot of times this will be from staging to a lowsec system or a Thera wormhole.
  • JFC: junior FC. This player is training and has to have a backseat FC in order to run the fleet.
  • FC: the poor player who takes the responsibility to put a fleet of players together to do something. They have the power to fleet warp and move people into squads among other things. See the stuff a FC says.
  • Fleet warp: your FC has the ability to warp the entire fleet to a location in the system.
  • Hold: stay where you are, don’t touch your keyboard.
  • Jump: jump through the gate… a few words first…
    • only the FC should be saying the word jump
    • FC will usually say jump, jump, jump rapidly a few times so everyone hears
    • when the FC says jump, just do it… if you lag behind, you might be a catch for a neut
  • Jump and hold cloak: jump through the gate and don’t touch your keyboard or mouse until the FC says so.
  • Rookie player speec: or newbro speech is the speech the FC gives before the fleet gets started. It’s not just for players that are new to the game, but it’s also for more experienced players who are doing an activity for the first time.
  • XUP: put an X in the designated channel so the FC knows you want to join the fleet.

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