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More About Eve Online

Last Updated on 2024-01-22 by Kshal Aideron

Looking for Eve Online Tutorials? Or how about Eve Online Terminology? This page will link to the different areas of Eve Online that Eve Rookies covers.

3rd Party WebsitesA list of 3rd party Eve Online websites.
Broadcast4RepsWhen the world is falling apart in real life, you can broadcast4reps in order to find someone to talk to.
Buy PLEXBuy packages of PLEX without giving your credit card to CCP! And support Eve Rookies in the process!
Council of Stellar ManagementFollow everything about the CSM here! Or find out what the CSM is!
Eve Online IncursionsWant to try incursions in Eve Online? Start with VGs in an Eve Rookies fleet!
Eve Online TerminologyWant to know what EWAR means? Or what a point is? Check out this giant list of Eve Online Terminology.
Eve Online TutorialsA growing list of Eve Online Tutorials for new players or returning vets who want to see what’s new.
Eve Rookies Public FleetsFleet up and fly in no strings attached fleets! Check out the Eve Rookies Public fleets section to see what’s being offered!