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Forward Operating Base Fleets

Last Updated on 2024-02-09 by Kshal Aideron

Forward Operating Base or FOBs is a group (fleet) activity that kills one of the types of diamond rats you may find in some high-sec, low-sec and even null-sec systems.

The following information will go over FOBs more in depths, which FCs are running FOBs for Eve Rookies and the guidelines surrounding your involvement!

What are Forward Operating Bases Exactly?

FOBs are events that can be found in Caldari, Gallente, Minmatar and Amarr high- and low-sec space. Their rats are a special type called diamond rats and hail from the Guristas Pirates and Blood Raider factions. They can launch mining operations (i.e. the diamond miners you often see on DScan or in asteroid belts) or attack Upwell (player) structures.

FOB Ship Doctrine

The ship doctrine has been chosen by the head of the Forward Operating Bases branch of Eve Rookies. Please make sure to bring a mobile depot.

Alpha Friendly Fit

FOB Vexor

FOB Vexor Navy (fit following soon)

Omega Fits

Regular Vedmak

FOB Ishtar (fit following soon)

T2 Vedmak (faction)

Handout policy: if you would like to borrow a ship, the FC has a limited amount of handouts available (free of charge). Just mention what fit you need when you X up.

SRP: there is ship replacement available in case of FC or logi error and gank attempts where the pilot followed FC instructions. Due to the FOB Loot policy (described at the bottom of the page), SRP is for free.

Please note that the FC may request a logs and kill mails to see who was at fault.

FOB Fleet Information

FC: Lax Booster

Fleet time: A regular standing fleet will run at 18:00 Eve. However, we only have 1 person currently running FOBs so please watch the #pve-fleet-pings channel in the Eve Rookies Discord for the next FOB fleet ping!

Fleet staging: Please keep an eye on the pve fleet ping channel above and join the mailing list in game.

XUP in game: Eve Rookies Public / Soli FOBs

Comms: Eve Rookies Discord or Solitude FOBs Teamspeak

In game mailing list: SolitudeFOBs

Discord channel: #forward-operating-base

If you have questions please contact Lax Booster in game or Laxitive in the Eve Rookies Discord.

FOB Loot Policy

The Eve Rookies Forward Operating Base fleets are funded via the loot gained from running FOBs. This means that any loot gained from the activity remains the property of Trinity Combine whom runs the FOBs on behalf of Eve Rookies.

Every fleet member who is on grid with the FOB when it’s destroyed is awarded isk. The average (fleet size dependent) can run around 40m per hour.