Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

FUNny Newbro PVP Fleets

Looking to try PVP? Why not come out to a FUNny Newbro fleet and give it a go! Anyone can attend from an hour old character to pilots who’ve played since the game was launched!

What is the FUNny Newbro PVP Fleet?

The FUNny Newbro PVP fleet is a safe place for pilots of all skill levels to come out and try NPSI PVP.

This fleet was started by Kshal Aideron and Scopique in late 2020 as part as an initiative to get newer players involved in PVP. Both pilots are members of NPSI corporation FUN Inc and these fleets are generally hosted on the FUN Inc discord.

Before the fleet sets out to Null Sec, the FCs will give PVP 101 which goes over most of the things FCs say while FCing a pvp fleet. Everyone gets to undock and try to follow the commands!

Who Can Come on the FUNny Newbro Roam?

Anyone! This is the perfect place for beginners to begin developing fleet PVP skills. As the player progresses, they may wish to start trying fleet roles. That includes FCing! Just let Kshal or Scopique know ahead of time you wish to give FCing a go!

A lot of new players think they need to reach a certain skill level to try PVPing (there is no perfect skill level). Or they think that they’ll somehow mess up and compromise the fleet (you can’t in this one). In fact, we have ship handouts and SRP (ship replacement program) so you don’t even have to risk your own assets!

FUNny Newbro Pilot Requirements

  1. You’re a living, breathing human being.
  2. You’ve joined the FUN Inc Discord.
  3. You have a headset connected that you can listen to voice chat (microphone isn’t required unless you’re flying a role).
  4. You’ve made it to Jita before the start of the fleet.
  5. You’re in an appropriate ship (destroyer or frigate) since PVPing from a pod is pvp on hard mode.
  6. If you get a free handout make sure to insure the ship for free isk when you blow up.
  7. Ability to do your best to follow the FC’s commands.
  8. Ask questions if you’re confused or puzzled.
  9. Most important, HAVE FUN!

Practical Information for FUNny Newbro Fleets

The following is all of the practical information for the FUNny Newbro fleets:

When: check the NPSI Calendar for the next fleet. It’s generally held every other Wednesday.

Dockup: always in Jita 4.4

In game XUP channel: EBWF Public

Voice comms: FUN Inc Discord (generally public voice chat)

Fitting channel: FUNny Newbros

Other ping channels: Eve Rookies Discord in the PVP Pings

Handouts are available as is SRP (up to 50m for DPS and up to 100m for roles – send your in game kill mail to Kshal Aideron).

FUNny Newbro Ship Doctrine

It’s really simple. This is a kitchen sink Destroyer and Frigate fleet. We do tend to brawl, but long range could be useful to lock up and get damage on targets when they’re at a longer distance away!

The only thing you’ll want to make sure is that you have an EWAR module. EWAR stands for electronic warfare and EWAR modules are as follows:

If you want to fly with a jam, ask for a Griffin. Word has it Kshal has tons of them!

Come out, fly, have fun! If you have any questions, you can hit up Kshal or Scopique in game or on the FUN Inc/Eve Rookies Discords!