Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

End of the Month Twitch Giveaway

At the end of every month, Kshal Aideron aka Twitch Streamer GamerGrrls, will do an end of the month giveaway to loyal viewers who watch her channel through the month.

Giveaway Dates

The giveaways will be on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday closest to the end of the month.

  • Friday 30 April starting at 5pm Eve until 9pm Eve
  • Saturday 29 May time TBA
  • Saturday 26 June time TBA

Giveaway Rules

The rules are simple. Watch Kshal when she streams, earn channel points, buy eggs on the giveaway days!

  • Small Eggs 500 points (3 per person)
  • Large Eggs 1500 points (3 per person)

There may be raffles or other times that she gives away eggs, but you’ll need to watch to be involved!

Currently Available Prizes

Big Egg: Barghest hull, small skill injector, 100m isk eggs, more!

Small Egg: 10-25m isk eggs, T1 frig hulls, skins, and more!