Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Incursion Ship Rental Service

If you’re ready to fly incursions but don’t want to invest in a starter ship while saving up for a Marauder, why not rent one?

You can choose to rent one and return it every focus or you can rent one and move it for every spawn yourself. Either way, when you’re ready to turn it in you’ll get your isk back (minus rental fees) and you can then invest in your shiny new Marauder!

If you haven’t flown incursions yet, consider an Eve Rookies training fleet in a borrowed Praxis to see if you like it!

Incursion Ship Rental Details

You can obtain a fully fitted starter incursion ship at market price. The fits follow the doctrine of both The Outuni Project and The Ditanium Fleet. The ship contains a travel fit and modules in cargo for the refit in focus. It doesn’t come with any ammo/charges/nanite paste. Once you’re finished with the ship, you will sell it back to us for the same price you bought it for minus the fees.

Staff Contacts

If you have questions about renting a ship, or have problems, please contact the following via an in game mail:

  • Sasha Panther
  • UncleBacon

Rental Locations

  • Amarr: Kor-Azor Prime II – Moon 1 – Joint Harvesting Plantation
  • Dodixie: Athinard IV – Sisters of EVE Bureau
  • Hek: Eystur V – Pend Insurance Depository
  • Jita: Niyabainen VII – Moon 2 – Poksu Mineral Group Mineral Reserve

All rent locations are 1 jump away from a trade station for easy acquiring of Ammo/Charges/Nanite Paste

Rental Fee

  • Single focus: 30m

After a new focus has spawned you have 24 hours to decide to either hand in the ship to the nearest Rental Location, or pay 30m to the rental corporation to keep it for the next focus. Once you hand in the ship, you deduct 30m from the price you got it for, as rental fee for the initial focus.

Ship Prices

  • Armor Megathron: 600m
  • Armor Navy Apoc: 800m
  • Armor Vindicator: 2b
  • Armor Nightmare: 1.5b

Shipping Fee (optional)

50m or 5m per jump, whichever is higher.

Incursion Ship Rental Guidelines

1. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page. A contract will be issued to the character entered on the form as soon as a ship is available. Currently our staff members are EU timezone. So expect some delays if you fill in the form between 12am and 7am ET as were both asleep. EU Daytime is subject to Real Life Work.

2. The rental agreement is only valid for a limited amount of time. If you would like to extend the contract, contact a member of our staff. If you do not contact us we assume you want to keep the ship and the rental agreement silently converts into a trade deal

3. If the ship is lost, or you want to keep it, the rental agreement converts into a trade deal.

4. We will not buy back damaged or incomplete ships. They must be returned in the same state they were purchased in.

5. We will only buyback in the 4 stations mentioned in the details section. If you don’t want to move it back, contact us for a shipping price quote. This price will be deducted from your sell back.

6. Ships will be handed out with a travel fit. The starter incursion modules will be in your hold.

7. Ships do not come with ammo, drugs, scripts, or nanite paste. You must provide these yourself.

8. We guarantee to buy back all ships at the same price they were sold for minus the rental and optionally shipping fees.