Sun. May 26th, 2024


Last Updated on 2022-09-27 by Kshal Aideron

In Eve Online, you never fly alone. While we may have a go at each other in New Eden, out here in the real world we care about our fellow pilots. So if your co-pilot or family passes away, you’re having a hard time with life in general or you’re feeling like harming yourself, broadcast4reps.

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In Game Channel: Broadcast4Reps

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It really doesn’t matter who you are in New Eden. You be the leader of a big alliance, or you can be a multi boxing high sec ganker that’s a pain in the butt. You can be a 1 hour old rookie or a 20 year bitter vet. It doesn’t matter WHO you are, or what you do in game, we’re all part of Eve and the Eve community. And this is why Bradcast4Reps was formed.

If you need more information, or resources to get help, please visit the Broadcast 4 Reps website.