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NPSI, or ‘Not Purple Shoot It’ is not only a fleet concept in Eve Online, but it’s an entire community.

This article will explain everything about NPSI and why you should show up to a fleet!

What is NPSI?

In Eve Online there’s a concept called ‘Blues.’ If someone is blue to you, you don’t shoot them. In fact, if you’re in a player corporation you can get in a lot of trouble if you go off shooting allies. However, in NPSI fleets, your only friends for the time being are the ones who show up purple (the overview and bracket color given to fleet members).

Some players live a NPSI lifestyle. This means that today, if you’re in the same fleet as them you’re a friend. Tomorrow if you end up in opposing fleets, you’re going to shoot each other. Others will join NPSI fleets but if they get into ‘Blue’ territory they’ll drop fleet or just hang out without shooting (or logi which doesn’t get on kill mails).


When you join a NPSI fleet, you will be engaging in pvp (player vs. player).

On occasion, there might be fleets who’s intention is to pve (i.e. ratting or mining in wormhole, low or null space) but expect other players to drop on them. These are generally called PVEvp fleets (player vs. environment vs. player).

However, you can 100% expect that you will be shooting other players when you join a NPSI fleet!

Not Purple Shoot It Fleets are Public Fleets

NPSI fleets are to Eve as PUG (pick up groups) are to other MMOs. In Elder Scrolls Online, for example, raid leaders might broadcast in zone chat that they’re looking for more people for a trial. The biggest difference between other MMO PUGs and Eve is generally fleets are scheduled ahead of time.

Does This Mean Anyone Can Join the Fleet?

Yes! NPSI groups don’t generally care who you are or what corporation you belong to. If you’re willing to come shoot people and fit the fleet requirements, you’re welcome!

Wait, There’s Requirements for Joining Fleets?

Every NPSI fleet will have a doctrine. For the most part, the FC will have alpha alternatives and/or be able to help you find something suitable if you really can’t fly the ships that will be in the fleet. However, there are some fleets that by nature will require Omega or certain skills.

Unfortunately, Bombers Bar is one of those groups. In order to fly with them, a pilot HAS to be able to get into a ship that has a covert cloak (bomber, recon, T3D…)

Are NPSI Fleets Suitable for Brand New Players?

Heck yes! There are many of us who experienced our first fleet PVP with NPSI groups such as Redemption Road, FUN Inc, Eve Linknet or Spectre Fleet. In fact, some groups will even schedule rookie roams where there will be an in depth explanation (i.e. Fleet 101)

There are undoubtedly some fleets that are more suitable for brand new players than others. However, nearly any FC will do their best to be welcoming and if a question is asked in fleet chat, expect at least 5 replies if not more. Eve players love letting everyone know just how much they know!

Where Do These Fleets Operate?

NPSI fleets operate in all space, including high sec. Below is a run down of each space and who potentially flies there.

Null Sec

75% or more of the fleets will operate in Null space. With a needlejack filament, it’s easy to take a fleet of 25 pilots. Null is accessible to the major trade hubs, via Thera, and there’s tons of targets without any security loss. Even if you pod the target pilot.

Groups such as FUN Inc spend most of their time in Null.

Low Sec

There aren’t as many fleets that operate here, but there are Low Sec fleets. Low is a little different because there aren’t any bubbles and fighting on gates are a little more deadly due to gate guns. There’s also security standing loss for engaging ships that aren’t suspect or criminal.

Bombers Bar, Eve Linknet, and Spectre Fleet tend to fly quite a bit in low.

High Sec

In general, you’re mostly going to find public PVE fleets in high sec. Though from time to time there are fleets to go suspect hunting/baiting. However, most of the fleets you’ll find here will be gank fleets.

IF you’re joining a public gank fleet, don’t use your main pilot. There are 2 reasons for this:

  1. If you’re ganking on your main and gank incursion runners moving to the next focus, you will be forever banned from the incursion community.
  2. You will lose security status very quickly and can’t do normal activities in high sec.

It’s very easy to roll a new character to try out ganking (as of fall 2022 it must be Omega to turn the safety to red). Follow this training guide that will get you in a suicide catalyst for public Safety fleets.


Wormholes are lawless space, much like null. The biggest difference is there is no local chat unless you actually type something in local. Pretty much all of the NPSI fleets that do null pvp will at least go through the special wormhole called Thera. Bombers Bar has a fleet called an Armada that revolves around them rolling null wormholes and they also do wormhole diving from high sec.

To my knowledge, there’s no NPSI fleets that exclusively fly in wormholes. If there are, please leave a comment so I can update this guide!


This is Trig space. It’s a giant triangle and would be the love child between wormholes and null if they could have a child. This means like wormholes, there’s no local count. And like null, there’s bubbles and no security status loss (although you can lose status with Edencom and Trigs).

There is a group that does public PVE in Pochven, but no known groups that do NPSI pvp fleets.

How Do I Join a Fleet?

Keep an eye on the NPSI hub calendar ran by FUN Inc! There are fleets going out nearly every day in various time zones!

Additionally, here’s a list of NPSI groups within New Eden as well as their individual information.

  • Eve Rookies
  • FUN Inc
  • Eve LinkNet
  • Bombers Bar
  • Redemption Road
  • FridaYarrr!
  • Fwaming Dwagons
  • Purpetrator Fleets
  • Spectre Fleet
  • Orgnc Free Range Chickuns
  • F.A.R.T. Fleets
  • Overclocker NPSI
  • Reveka.
  • CAS Combat Guild
  • Stay Feral

Anything Else I Need to Know About Joining NPSI Fleets?

If you’ve never flown in a pvp fleet before, much less a NPSI fleet, here are some useful articles that will help you get jump started!

Overall, the NPSI community is full of fantastic people. We love it when new people come to join us just as much as we love helping out someone new to PVP! So don’t hesitate to come out and fly!

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