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Concord grants pilots kill rights for committing criminal acts in high or low sec. If you have been a victim of a gank in high sec or a pod kill in low sec, you can use this right to engage in combat with the perpetrator without interference from Concord. Alternatively, you can choose to sell the KR if you do not wish to pursue the offender.

Kill Rights Against You

You can obtain a kill right (KR) in Eve Online by committing a criminal act against another player. KRs will last for 30 days.

Earning KR in High Sec

If you attack a neutral, non-flashy target in Eve Online, you will be labeled as a criminal and Concord will attack and destroy your ship. This status will last for 15 minutes and your security status will decrease significantly. The pilot you attack will also receive a KR that they can use against you.

To avoid committing a criminal act in High Sec, keep your safety setting green or yellow.

Acquiring KR in Low Sec

In Low Security systems, attacking other players usually results in a 15 minute suspect timer. However, destroying the pod of a non-flashy pilot will also grant the victim a KR that they can use against you, in addition to the 15 minute criminal timer.

Where are They Found?

If you either have a KR against you, or have earned KRs that you can activate, you will find them on your character sheet.

  1. Open your character sheet
  2. Go to the interactions tab
  3. Go to kill rights tab

KRs Against You

This is what it looks like if you have performed a criminal activity in high or low and have a KR against you. For some activities such as incursions, you will need to check if you have any active kill rights against you before you can participate.

Where to find kill rights against you

KRs That You Can Activate

If you’ve been the victim of a criminal act in high or low, this is what it will look like.

How to activate a KR

Activating Kill Rights in Eve Online

If another player has attacked and killed you (ganked) in High Security systems or destroyed your pod (podded) in Low Security systems, you have gained a Kill Right against that player.

The following are some options for using your KR.

Activate the Kill Right and Engage the Player

The first option is to hunt down the player and activate the KR within 30 days.

In order to activate the KR, the following conditions must be met:

Step 1: Make sure the player is on grid with you (i.e. shows in your overview)

Seeing a public kill right

Step 2: Click on the player’s name in the overview.

Step 3: In the selected item window (where your jump buttons, etc are) you’ll see the cross hair icon in the upper right hand corner of the window.

Activate public kill right

Step 4: Click on the cross hair icon.

Step 5: Click activate on the flyout that shows up on the Selected Item window.

Activate public kill right menu

The player will then earn a 15 minute suspect timer in which anyone around them will be able to engage.

Sell Kill Right Access to Other Players

If you have no desire to engage the criminal player, you can sell the KR to others within the next 30 days.

  1. Go to your kill rights on your character sheet.
  2. Click on the hamburger menu (the icon with 3 lines) associated with the kill right you wish to sell.
  3. Choose whom you want to make the kill right available to and set a cost.
How to make kill right public

Keep in mind that if you sell a kill right, the player involved will receive a notification. Therefore, it is not advisable to set the price too low if you are making the kill right available on the open market. However, you can set the price to zero if you want to make the kill right available only to your corp, alliance, or a specific individual.

Buying Kill Right Access

If a player has a KR for sale, you can purchase and activate it in the same way as a private activation of the kill right (clicking on the cross hair icon in the overview).

There are several reasons why you may want to use a KR:

  • If you encounter a pilot that you believe you can defeat in combat
  • If you are on a low sec pvp fleet and want to avoid a decrease in security status
  • If you want to engage in an activity but have a kill right that you wish to dispose of.

Be Aware if You’re Committing Criminal Actions

In summary, the KR is a game mechanic in Eve Online that allow players to initiate combat with those who have committed criminal acts against them. These rights can be earned by being a victim of a gank in high sec or a pod kill in low sec, and can be exercised by the wronged party or sold to others. It is important for players to be aware of their own kill rights and the potential consequences of attacking others in different security systems.

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