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Do you need multiple characters in Eve Online? This is a question that new players ask a lot. Lets take a moment to explore this topic!

Looking at Multiple Characters

Multiple, or alternate characters in Eve Online can mean 2 things:

  1. Multiple characters on a single account
  2. Multiple characters across multiple accounts

3 Characters on 1 Account

The first situation we’ll look at is multiple characters on a single account. You can play one of the 3 characters on the account at a time.

There are some rules that come with characters on that single account:

  • only one skill queue can train at a time (without a MCT)
  • when you receive an item in your redemption queue, you can accept it on any character
  • characters don’t share wallets
  • characters don’t share hangers

Skill Training on More Than One Character Per Account (Omega Only)

There is a way to allow multiple characters on an account to train skills at the same time. This is called Multiple Character Training. There are 3 ways to do this:

  1. You can buy Multiple Character Training from the Eve Online Store
  2. You can purchase Multiple Pilot Training in the in game NES (New Eden Store) with PLEX
  3. You can purchase Multiple Pilot Training Certificates from the market with isk

If training characters on your omega account simultaneously is interesting, then you will need to determine the cheapest method yourself. If you have an in game income and have about 2 billion isk to spare, it might be cheapest to just buy it on the market.

CCP has been having a lot of sales on both PLEX and MCTs on their website, so it might work out cheaper to go this route instead.

Characters Across Multiple Accounts

Sometimes having a single account feels restrictive, especially with the limitation on skill training. So players decide to make characters on multiple accounts. Always make sure that you use a recruitment link to get your 1 million skill points if you go this route!

Hot tip: CCP allows us to have as many accounts as we want. In fact, we can use the same email address to “link” them all together! This helps a lot with organization!

Characters on Multiple Alpha Accounts

There are limitations to alpha accounts such as only being able to train 5 million skill points without using alpha injectors.

Unlike an omega account that can train every faction’s ship, an alpha account is severely handicapped. There is little chance that an alpha account can do multiple activities well. So a lot of players will create one account for vanguard incursions, another as a hauler and yet another to mine.

While there’s no limitation to the number of alpha accounts you can own, you can only play them 1 at a time.

Hot tip: while you can only play one character at a time, you can log in to the character screen of multiple alpha accounts to accept your daily reward.

Characters on Multiple Omega Accounts

When it comes to multiple omega accounts, players have a lot more freedom. The amount of logged in omega accounts is limited only by what your computer will handle.

When it comes to multiple omega accounts, is it really necessary? The answer is “it depends”.

While Eve Online is usually better with friends, some people want to be that loan wolf. So they create 15 omega accounts (either paid for with real money or PLEX’d) to have a mining fleet or solo incursions. However, others find it convenient to have alt accounts to do things like fly a capital or fire up a cyno. While yet others want a separate hauler or market alt.

The advantage of multiple accounts is there’s no need for MCT’s and you can play as many at once as you please. The downside is the account needs to be subbed somehow!

Hot tip: if you create your accounts with the same email, CCP will often offer a discounts to alt accounts. You will pay full price on your main account (most played account) and then each additional account you play will get a discount. This discount can be found in the Eve Online Store after you’ve logged in to your alt account(s).

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By Kshal Aideron

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