Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Eve Rookies Writing Guidelines

The Eve Rookies website is a new player resource. The goal is to break the information down in a way that it’s as easily understandable as possible by as many rookies as possible.

If you’re not already a contributor to the Eve Rookies website and you’d like to be, please contact Kshal Aideron on Discord or in game.

Eve Rookies Target Audience

The target audience of Eve Rookies is:

  • players that are brand new to Eve Online
  • players that are new to an activity in Eve Online (example, incursions or lvl 4 missions)

Guidelines for Posting on Eve Rookies

Keep the following in mind when writing articles, or a string of articles.

  • please only use the post option for writing (if you want to create a page, please ask)
  • try to get at least 350 or more words in a post
  • always put your own words into a post, even if you’re referencing Eve Uni’s Wiki or another source.

Eve Rookies Tutorials

Tutorials are meant to teach a player how to do something. This could be something as simple as putting a skin on their ship or as complicated as PI.

  • keep the introduction short and to the point
  • try to think about the skills that the player and their character might or might not have
  • keep to the current topic, if you must reference something so that the tutorial makes sense try to make sure there’s already an article and link to it

Making Tutorial Hubs

The two articles linked above are what I call a “tutorial hub”. Several posts were made that were eventually all linked on a post.

For example, the targeting article. When I started writing this, I realized I needed to have articles about scan resolution and sig radius. I finished the post about targeting but left it as a draft. Then I went and wrote the other 2 articles, published them and then linked them in the targeting article.

The same for the Career Mission Story Arcs Overview. I wrote the mission articles first then created the overview.

This is an excellent way to set up posts and not only do people seem to like it, Google LOVES it.

News Items

Tutorials aren’t the only thing that can go on Eve Rookies. We can also cover news!

  • make sure to stay neutral as possible
  • try to add images where possible
  • if taking the news from another source (like the news at link to it

Images in Posts

Please take your own screen shots, don’t steal them off the internet! If you need an image created, please let Kshal know and she can make one for you!

Internal and External Linking

For the best SEO (search engine optimization) it’s always good to have internal links and at least 1 external link.

  • Internal Links
    • Link the URL from the frontend
    • Does NOT need to open in a new tab
  • External Links
    • MUST select “open in a new tab”

Post Categories

  • Uncategorized: there should never be posts published under this category
  • Featured: make sure to select this when publishing so it gets into the featured space. After a week or so you can remove it or I will.
  • Tutorial: posts given this category will show up in the tutorial section on the home page

Please don’t create new categories without permission.

Tags on Posts

Try to get at least 3 tags onto your post. It’s OK to create new ones if needed.

Featured Image

  • every post MUST have a featured image
  • featured images need to be 1090 wide x 613 high
  • no text on images

As you can see above, on the featured image the title of the article appears on the image along with the categories and other info. Adding text to the image makes it very busy.

Other locations use the featured image as well. Text can get cut off and it just doesn’t look nice. So try not to add your own text!

Updating a Post

When you update a post, it’ll show up at the top of the Recently Updated Posts widget. The post will also get a “last updated on.. by…”

Referral Links

Please don’t use your own referral links. If you’d like to add a referral link, use the one off of the following post:

This is not because I don’t want to share, it’s because for 2023 I’m planning on doing something pretty great with the rewards that will benefit Eve Rookies tremendously!