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After you complete the AIR New Player Experience, Aura will leave you at a station in one of the systems that have career mission agents. This is where you’ll continue your education as a capsuleer in New Eden by completing the 5 different Career Story Arcs.

The Career Missions

All of the career story arcs consist of 10 missions, except explorer which has 5. You will receive ISK, ships, skill books and modules for completing the missions within the story arcs. Your actions will also start ticking off achievements in the AIR Career Program.

While the order that you start things don’t matter greatly, the order given below will make sure that you have the ships and/or modules you need for future missions.

  • Industrialist: if you start the Industrialist (used to be called the Entrepreneur) story arc in a Corvette, you’ll receive a Venture as a reward in Balancing the Books 2. You’ll be able to fit all of the mandatory modules, mine, and kill any rats as needed.
  • Producer: as you’re already in a Venture, you’ll be able to continue on with the more industrial career agent missions. This will require some light killing of belt rats, mining ore and manufacturing.
  • Explorer: before getting into battle with the rats, do the quick 5 mission story arc for exploration. You can stay in the Venture for this!
  • Enforcer: the enforcer is where you really start learning how to kill rats. As you progress to mission 10, things will go from fairly easy to much harder. Make sure to upgrade your ship into an attack frigate by mission 2. Also, don’t forget to upgrade your guns from civilian lasers to something with proper DPS!
  • Soldier of Fortune: the Soldier of Fortune story arc will teach a little about EWAR (electronic warfare) and that it’s OK if your ship blows up.

Complete ALL of the Career Missions

It’s the long standing advice to complete all of the career missions, even if there’s something that doesn’t really interest you.

Why is this the recommendation?

Every career mission story arc you’re earning ISK. On top of the ISK rewards you’re getting free ships, modules and skill books. Don’t leave this all behind! Between the AIR New Player Experience and the career missions you will get a nice little start in New Eden.

What Do I Do When I’m Done With the Missions?

Now is a great time to be starting Eve Online because unlike when I started, there’s the AIR Career Program. If you’re not sure what to do next, just start going through all of the different rewards you can earn by completing so many security missions or hacking so many exploration cans.

By the time you finish the AIR Career Program you should have a better feeling of what you like and don’t like. So maybe you’ll go find a mining oriented corporation to join. Maybe you’ll hook up with us here at Eve Rookies to do Vanguard Incursions. Or maybe you’ll get a thirst for PVP.

And of course CCP isn’t finished with the New Player Experience. Lets keep looking forward to what’s coming next!

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