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So you’re interested in the “business” side of New Eden? Great, in this 10 career mission arc, you’ll get to try hauling stuff over a few systems, experience the joys of salvaging, mining, a little hacking (i.e. exploration) and manufacturing. This kind of has a little bit of everything as part of it.

There is a little bit of having to kill rats in the course of these 10 missions, you never really get away from that.

What are some rewards that you can look forward to? You’ll get a Venture, which is a basic mining barge. You’ll get a citizen salvager (not good for actual, non mission salvaging), skill books and more.

Business Career Mission Overview

Each career agent hands out 10 missions in their particular arc. This is an overview of the missions and what you get.

Potential isk for the Business Career Mission Arc: 2.3 million isk

Note: when you earn isk, the starter corp you’re in will take a portion for taxes. So if You don’t receive the exact amount that the reward states, this is why.

Business Career Mission 1 – Balancing the Books

Take datasheets from your item hanger, put them in your ship cargo hold and take them to another system.

  • Isk earned: 507,000
  • Can be done with a starter frigate or one you get at the end of the tutorial
  • Reward: 241,000 isk
  • Bonus Reward: 241,000 isk

Business Career Mission 2 – Balancing the Books

This mission has “special ship restrictions.” If you put the civilian salvager on your frigate that you got during the tutorial, you’ll be fine. You will need to remove 1 gun to put the salvager on.

  • Isk earned: 253,000
  • Granted a civilian salvager to fit on your ship BEFORE you undock
  • Total of 1 rats that needs to be killed
  • Can be done with a starter frigate or one you get at the end of the tutorial
  • Reward: Venture (mining barge)
  • Bonus Reward: 253,000

Business Career Mission 3 – Balancing the Book

  • Isk earned: 264,000
  • Receive a civilian miner at the start of the mission
  • Switch to the Venture that you got in Mission 2 and fit with an afterburner, drone and your mining lasers
  • Reward: Reprocessing skill book
  • Bonus Reward: 264,000

Civilian mining lasers
You do get a civilian mining laser at the start of the mission, however, the Venture can fit 2. To get a second for free, leave your current ship and board the free corvette. Open your fitting window and unfit the mining laser. Leave the corvette and destroy it. Then you can fit both mining lasers onto the venture.

Protection from Rats
The rats on the mission belt are in rookie ships so they don’t do much damage. You can easily use a drone (which is common for mining barges) to kill the rat instead of fitting a gun.

Needing 333 Tritanium
Tritanium is the mineral that one receives when they reprocess the ore Veldspar. You can either buy this on the market and not go out, or you can go and mine the Veldspar then reprocess at the station.

  1. Dock up
  2. Transfer the Veldspar from your ore hold to your item hanger
  3. Right click on the Veldspar
  4. Click reprocess
  5. Move the Tritanium to your ship’s cargo hold to finish the mission

Business Career Mission 4 – Balancing the Book

  • Isk earned: 500,000
  • Receive a civilian data analyzer at the start of the mission
  • Can use your frigate or Venture
  • Reward: 255,000
  • Bonus Reward: 245,000

Fit the Data Analyzer to Your Ship BEFORE Undocking!
You will need to go through an acceleration gate to get to the hacking site. There is a rat in a rookie ship to blap.

Note: not counting the bounty earned since it’s only a few thousand isk.

Business Career Mission 5 – Balancing the Book

Simple delivery mission. DO NOT leave w/o the cargo, which is in your item hanger!

  • Isk earned: 229,000
  • Granted an Overdrive Injector System I at start of mission
  • Can use your frigate or Venture
  • Reward: 1x Expanded Cargohold I
  • Bonus Reward: 229,000 isk

Business Career Mission 6 – Balancing the Book

You don’t even have to undock from the station for this mission. Just purchase the Tracking Computer I from the market. At the time of this writing in my career agent station, I was able to purchase this for 18,000 isk.

  • Isk earned: 232,000
  • Granted a Mass Production Skill Book at the start of the mission
  • Reward: 1x miner I
  • Bonus Reward: 232,000 isk

Business Career Mission 7 – Balancing the Book

In mission 4, you hacked a location using the granted Civilian Data Analyzer. Now you get to do the same thing with a Relic Analyzer. Don’t forget to fit it before you undock!

There is an acceleration gate and rats in 2 rooms.

  • Isk earned: 228,000
  • Granted a Civilian Relic Analyzer
  • Fit the relic analyzer to your combat frigate
  • Reward: 1x 1MN Afterburner I
  • Bonus Reward: 228,000

Business Career Mission 8 – Balancing the Book

In this mission you’ll get to haul cargo again. The item is 5m squared so if you need to, put the cargo extender onto your low slot of your ship that you got in Mission 5.

DO NOT FORGET to take the cargo from your Item Hanger before undocking!

  • Isk earned: 63,000
  • Fit the relic analyzer to your combat frigate
  • Reward: 1x Limited Social Adaptation Chip
  • Bonus Reward: 63,000

Business Career Mission 9 – Balancing the Book

Like mission 6, you don’t even need to undock. You just need two 1MN Afterburners in your ship’s cargo hold. You get 1 in mission 7, so you can buy another one at your current station. If it’s fitted to your ship, you need to remove it and put it in your hold. The items DO disappear from your hold once you turn in the mission.

  • Isk earned: 73,000
  • Granted Expanded Cargohold I at start of the mission
  • Reward: Advanced industry skill book
  • Bonus Reward: 73,000

Business Career Mission 10 – Balancing the Book

Mission 10 will give you a nice faction boost!
At the start of the mission you have a choice to either make the Antimatter Charges S or just buy them from the market. Either way, to complete the mission you need 1,000 antimatter charge S in your cargo hold.

  • Isk earned: 227,000
  • Granted an Antimatter Charge S blueprint at the start of the mission
  • Reward: Nereus (industrial hauling ship)
  • Bonus Reward: 227,000

By Kshal Aideron

Eve main: Kshal Aideron Corp: FUN Inc NPSI community FC and newbro queen

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