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After you complete the tutorial, Aura will leave you at a station in a new player system that has something called career agents. These particular missions will give you a short taster of the different paths through eve so you can gain some knowledge, experience and decide if it’s something for you.

Eve Online career agents

A suggestion, even if something doesn’t sound fun to you, do it anyways. Each career agent only has 10 missions in its mission arc and you get isk and free things that will help you get a leg up into your life in new Eden.

  • Military Career Agent: You’ll get to kill rats (i.e. pirates), explode structures and retrieve objects. You’ll get your first combat frigate and the modules that are needed to do level 1 security missions. Read more about Military Career Agents here
  • Advanced Military Career Agent: This is CCP’s sad attempt at trying to prepare pilots for pvp. In these missions you learn about EWAR (electronic warfare) modules such as web and warp scrams plus you’ll blow up your ship (don’t worry, they give you a replacement). There ARE pve situations such as incursions where you’ll need to apply EWAR on rats so this section is worth doing. Plus more free stuff.
  • Exploration Career Agent: This 10 mission arc will attempt to explain the basics of probing down anomalies and will also introduce hacking data and relic sites.
  • Business Career Agent: These missions will acquaint you with hauling (i.e. distribution), salvaging, some mining and reprocessing. This also crosses slightly with Exploration since there’s some hacking needing to be done. Read more about the Business Career Missions here
  • Industry Career Agent: Here is where you learn the very basics of producing things. You’ll do some mining (and get your first venture in Mission 2), reprocessing, and manufacturing (making things). Not only will you get the venture, but you’ll get some blue prints.

While these missions don’t show you everything that you can possibly do in Eve Online, it gives you an idea of what’s possible and a direction to go in. If you decide you completely hate shooting the rats, at least you’ll know how to defend yourself out on an asteroid belt (yup, rats land there). Or you may decide you never want to explore, but at least you’d be able to combat probe if you needed to.

Keep an eye out for articles that go more in depth with the career agent missions as well as the different pathways you can take within Eve Online!

By Kshal Aideron

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