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The Enforcer Career Agent Missions (formerly called Military Career Agent Missions) will give you a first taste of what’s known as ‘ratting’ in Eve Online.

Ratting is the act of killing NPC (non-player character) space pirates. PiRATe. Get it?

What Ship to Start With?

To start this mission story arc, you can use a Corvette.

You can find the ‘Board My Corvette’ button inside any station like in the screen shot to the right.

Corvette Trick for More DPS

There is a little trick that can be used to get more DPS out of a single corvette.

  1. Board a corvette.
  2. Leave your ship.
  3. In the ship hanger, right click the ship and choose the ‘strip fitting’ option. This will take all of the modules off of the ship.
  4. In the ship hanger, right click the ship and ‘trash it’. This will delete the ship in your ship hanger, so double check that it’s the corvette (impairor, ibis, velator, or reaper).
  5. Click on the ‘Board My Corvette’ button again.
  6. Open the fitting window (alt + F) and remove the mining laser. Replace it with the citizen gun from the 1st Corvette you created and deleted.

Now you have 2 citizen guns to use for the first few missions!

Enforcer Career Mission Overview

The Enforcer career agent has 10 missions to give out in a story arc called Cash Flow for Capusleers. The pilot completing the missions will be receiving isk rewards (as well as bounties for shooting rats), ships in addition to any loot in the wrecks (or salvage).

The isk rewarded is random per pilot, so what you see in this listing may be more or less than you’re offered when you do this set of career missions.

What is the Potential Isk for Enforcer Career Mission?

You will earn roughly 3 million isk depending on skills and the reward randomizer. This includes loot from wrecks and bounties as well as the mission rewards.

Note: when you earn isk, the npc starter corp you’re in will take a portion for taxes. So if You don’t receive the exact amount that the reward states, this is why.

Cash Flow for Capsuleers 1:

Cash Flow for Capsuleers starts off with shooting some easy rats. In return, you’ll get a real weapon and ammo. If you’re still using civilian weapons off of the corvette, make sure to change weapons once you complete the mission!

Isk EarnedNon Isk RewardsItems GrantedMission ObjectivesNotes
Reward: 0
Bonus: 0
1x weapon based on character faction.
– Amarr: duel light beam laser
– Caldari: 75mm Gatling Rail I
– Gallente: 75mm Gatling Rail I
– Minmatar: 125mm Gatling AutoCannon I

Ammo for weapon rewarded above
– Amarr: 3x Multifrequency S
– Caldari: 2,000 Antimatter S
– Gallente: 2,000 Antimatter S
– Minmatar: 2,000 EMP S
N/ADestroy the piratesN/A

Cash Flow for Capsuleers 2:

A lot of combat missions are “rescue” missions. You’ll kill the rats and retrieve the civilians, security, guards, exotic dancers, or whomever else the faction you’re working for dictates. In some missions, you’ll need to physically loot the individual(s) you’re rescuing. In this case, they just board your ship without you having to do anything.

Isk EarnedNon Isk RewardsItems GrantedMission ObjectivesNotes
Reward: 0
Bonus: 271,000
Attack frigate based on character faction.
Amarr – Executioner
Caldari – Merlin
Gallente – Atron
Minmatar – Slasher
N/ADestroy the pirates. The Civilian automatically is put in your cargo hold.

Cash Flow for Capsuleers 3:

It is worth noting that at this point, if you’re not in a combat frigate you might want to change out. Make sure that you put your faction gun from Cash Flow for Capsuleers 1 on the ship. Make certain you unfit any citizen weapons and add your shiny new granted weapons from this mission!

Hot Tip

Group your guns by clicking the infinity symbol.

Don’t forget to strip off the 1MN Afterburner from the old ship and put it on your new attack frigate! If you’ve looted or been granted a NON citizen 1MN Afterburner, use that instead of the citizen module!

Isk EarnedNon Isk RewardsItems GrantedMission ObjectivesNotes
Reward: 248-000
Bonus: 203,000 – 206,000
N/Ax2 more weapons based on your factionDestroy the rats and retrieve the Secret DocumentsYou do not get extra ammo to go with the granted weapons.

You will encounter drone rats for the first time. If you have a web module, the mission will go faster.

Cash Flow for Capsuleers 4:

Isk EarnedNon Isk RewardsItems GrantedMission ObjectivesNotes
Reward: 0
146,000 – 252,000
N/A1MN Afterburner IApproach the Smuggler StargateThis should be a very quick mission. Literally approach the stargate and as soon as the dock button shows up, hit it and dock. Don’t stay to fight the rats.

Note: make sure to turn on “Large Collidable Object” in your overview if it isn’t already.

How to Turn on Large Collidable Objects

  1. Click on the kebab menu in your overview to bring up the overview settings
  2. Once you have the overview settings open, go to tab presets
  3. In tab presets, make sure you’re on the types tab
  4. Large Collidable Objects is under Celestial
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Cash Flow for Capsuleers 5:

Isk EarnedNon Isk RewardsItems GrantedMission ObjectivesNotes
163,000- 200,000
184,000 –
N/ACivilian shield hardener based on character faction.
Amarr – explosive
Caldari – kinetic
Gallente – thermal
Minmatar – explosive
Destroy the rat.When you undock, turn on your shield hardener (goes in your mid-slot). This will reduce the damage your ship takes from the specific damage type.

Cash Flow for Capsuleers 6:

Isk EarnedNon Isk RewardsItems GrantedMission ObjectivesNotes
Reward: 0
Bonus: 201,000 – 224,000
Limited Ocular FilterDestroy the pirate outpost.You will need to destroy any rats first. Then you can lock up and focus on destroying the outpost.

Note: you need to go through an Acceleration Gate for this mission. Click on the gate, or the gate in your overview and click the jump button.

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Cash Flow for Capsuleers 7:

Isk EarnedNon Isk RewardsItems GrantedMission ObjectivesNotes
Reward: 212,000
207,000 – 242,000
N/ASelf-repair module based on faction of character.

Amarr, Gallente, Minmatar – small armor repairer I

Caldari – small shield booster I
Destroy rats.You will need the skill ‘Remote Armor Repair Systems’ to operate the self repair module.

You can get this skill book for FREE if you do the Soldier of Fortune career agent mission 4 first.

Cash Flow for Capsuleers 8:

Isk EarnedNon Isk RewardsItems GrantedMission ObjectivesNotes
Reward: 205,000
225,000 – 265,000
2x Overdrive Injector Systems IN/AApproach the ‘hotel’You’ll be hit by bombs when you get close to the hotel (large collidable structure). As soon as this happens the mission completes and you can dock up. Or you can keep killing rats for loot and salvage.

Cash Flow for Capsuleers 9:

You need to help break up a narcotics ring by destroying the narcotics warehouse. You can bypass the rats on the jump gate and then go in and destroy the warehouse directly. The rats don’t do enough damage to really hurt your ship.

Isk EarnedNon Isk RewardsItems GrantedMission ObjectivesNotes
Reward: 0
Bonus: 276,000
Stasis webifier IN/ADestroy the narcotics warehouseYou can ignore the rats at the gate and go through immediately.

Webs will help slow down the rats.

Cash Flow for Capsuleers 10:

Make sure that you’ve fit the web module that you got last mission onto your ship! Webs help keep capsules in place!

You will be given a destination a few systems over. Use your overview to “follow the yellow brick road” which means the yellow systems (there will also be help in the form of a flashy blue highlight).

In this mission you do need to destroy all of the rats before being able to activate each acceleration gate.

The end room packs a punch. If you’re struggling with keeping alive, make sure to align your ship out and warp to the object you’re aligning to if you get into shields and can’t repair. Or are losing capacitor trying to repair.

Warping out when yellow boxed or taking too much damage is a good skill to learn!

Once the rats are dead, you will need to destroy the stasis tower to get the devout’s capsule out. Make sure you have the large collidable objects on!

In your overview, you’ll look for a tiny dot. That’s the capsule!

Isk EarnedNon Isk RewardsItems GrantedMission ObjectivesNotes
Reward: 199,000 – 254,000
216,000 – 259,000
N/ACombat frigate based on character faction:

Amarr – Punisher
Caldari – Merlin
Gallente – Tristin
Minmatar – Rifter
Destroy the pirate leader’s capsule.Destroy the Devout’s Stasis Tower to get the pod.

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