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There are some activities in Eve Online where you will be expected to set your shield alarm to a certain percentage. This is a short tutorial on how you can set your shield to the percentage required by the activity you are participating in.

Steps to Setting Your Shield Alarm

  1. Undock your ship – this can only be done out in space.
  2. Under the HUD (the circle your capacitor is in) there is a little icon with a hamburger menu (the icon with several horizontal lines). Click it.
  3. Select the “configure ship health alert settings” option in the menu.
  4. Slide the shield alarm slider until it reaches 95%. (the video mentions 90%, 95% is the value we want people to use)

You can of course set the other alarms as you’d like them. Please make sure the warning sounds are turned up all the way in your audio settings options. Of course, you should be mashing the “need shield” button in incursions the second you see you’re yellow boxed in your overview.

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