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Did you know that you can use the 3rd party website DOTLAN Evemaps to map resources? While most people will use DOTLAN to map routes, you can also use it to see where certain resources are for PI (planetary interaction).

What is PI (planetary interaction)?

Planetary Interaction, or PI for short, lets players create industrial colonies on a planet. This will produce goods from raw materials that get extracted from the planet.

PI can produce components that can be used to create POS Structures, fuel blocks, boosters, nanite repair paste, and other T2 components.

How to Map Resources

Go to a system, like The Forge. When you’re looking at it, in the menu, select the resource you want to see on the map. In this example, we’re looking at the Lava Resources in The Forge.

You can see that in most systems there’s 1 planet with lava, however, in Kisogo, there’s 4.

To find out more about PI, you can check this Eve University PI Article.

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