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I’m a player that doesn’t have a “home” in New Eden. I’m a nomad, going from activity to activity as needed by the FCs in Eve Rookies.

One day this means staging out of Jita for a NPSI pvp roam, another it may be getting to a special wormhole used by NPSI group Bombers Bar. Today, I need to get myself to the new incursion focus so I can help with fleets.

Since I use the Eve Rookies handout ships, I don’t need to move my own ship to the new incursion focus. This is how I move.

Using Jump Clones to Move Around New Eden

I have jump clones all through New Eden. I try to keep one in each of the trade hubs so I can get to a region quickly. Then I have the rest littered through space, usually from where the last incursion focus spawned.

Jump Clone Skills

In total, an Omega character can have a total of 15 jump clones. Currently, I have 14 because I haven’t quite finished Elite Informorph Psychology. However, once that’s complete I’ll have a total of 15.

But, for now 14 is usually more than enough! And, chances are I’ll have something close to the newest incursion focus that just spawned!

Keep in Mind the Jump Clone Timers

Now, one thing you do have to keep in mind is even with max Infomorph Synchronizing skills, you can still only jump once every so many hours. So if you try to set your character to move around like I do, keep this in mind!

Death Clone Set in Jita

To travel back to Jita, where most of my stuff is, I always self destruct in a station. This is a quick and easy way to get “home” from where ever I was without using a JC.

If you decide to use this method, make sure that you destroy a clone that doesn’t have implants. Unless it was a cheap 1 or 2% implant used to make a fit work (like the Longbow Cormorants).

Using DOTLan to Figure What JC is Closest to the Focus

Now that I have Jump Clones littered through out space, it’s time to figure out if any of them are close to the new focus!

First I go to my character sheet, and select the Jump Clones tab.

Jump clones

Then I go to the DOTLan Route Planner. If you’re not sure how to use it, here’s a tutorial for planning routes.

DOTLan route planner

Then I enter the system that Eve Rookies is using for a dockup in the current focus. For this focus, it’s Kihtaled VIII – CONCORD Bureau.

Kihtaled is in the Khanid region, so I know that I really only need to look at my jump clones that are around there. For example, Dodixie will be many jumps away…

I don’t have any JC in Khanid, but I do have one in Hostni which is only 4 jumps away!

Route to incursion

Old Jump Clone – Keep or Destroy

When you jump from one location to the next, you leave a clone in the old location and jump into the existing one.

Typically if I’m jumping from an old incursion focus location to a new one, I keep the clone. You never know when it will be useful again. However, if I’m jumping from Jita I’ll destroy it.

But, if you have to use your other trade hub JC, remember to add a new one before you undock and fly off. If you forget to add it, you may have to travel around 40 jumps to get back there!

Hope to see you at an incursion fleet! Fly safe!

By Kshal Aideron

Eve main: Kshal Aideron Corp: FUN Inc NPSI community FC and newbro queen

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