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Did you know that there are 3 Eve Online Servers? That’s right!

Tranquility is the live server that some of us play on daily. Then there’s Singularity, the test server. Finally there’s the Thunderdome which is a special server used for tournaments.

The Singularity Server Explained

Out of the 3 Eve Online servers, Singularity is the test server. At certain times, CCP will invite the public to log into SISI to participate in test sessions.

Note: the test server used to be public, however in 2022 CCP decided to make it only available during specific test session.

How to Get onto Singularity?

You can see below, the launcher is set for Singularity. You can click on this to initiate a drop down menu and toggle between the 3 different servers. Once you’ve chosen Singularity, log in to your character.

Copying Skills

You can use the command /copyskills to get (almost) the same skills on your Singularity copy as on the live server. I say nearly because this is a daily snapshot. So if you just got a new skill on Tranquility, that skill may not be on the last snapshot yet. However, you can easily to to a market and pick up some skill injectors!

Getting Skills for a Test

Ok, say you want to inject into a capital ship. Go to a trade hub and load up on PLEX (generally 100isk each). Then go to the store and buy skill extractors. As long as you have over 5 million skill points, you can extract, inject, then re-allocate your skills.

What if you don’t have over 5m SP?

Then you’re going to have to hope that there’s some skill injectors you can afford on the market.

What if I’m an Alpha Account?

Most everything in the markets are 100 isk. Go buy the PLEX and then Omega it in the in game store.

How to Move Your Character

Once you’re inside of Singularity, you’ll want to move your character somewhere. If you type the command /moveme into a chat window, you’ll get a pop up that has a bunch of options.

Buying Stuff to Use to Test With

If you go to a trade hub (M-0EE8, Jita, etc) you’ll find a lot of things for very cheap. Buy them and explode them!

What is the Thunderdome?

Besides, SISI (singularity) and Tranquility, the eve online servers offer one more type.

The Thunderdome.

Thunderdome offers a place for events to be held that are outside of the normal server. This is where the ATs (alliance tournaments) is held as well as other tournaments. More or less, it’s the E Sports server.

Tranquility Server

And then there’s the Tranquility server, which is the live server of all the Eve Online servers.

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