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There are four types of currency in Eve Online. Of the four, only one can be purchased both within the game, as well as out. That’s PLEX.

So what is PLEX? What can it be used for, what is its worth and who can use it? We will answer all of these questions and more in this post!


The Four Eve Online Currencies

As mentioned in the introduction, there are 4 types of currencies in Eve Online:

  1. Isk
  2. Loyalty Points (LP)
  3. Evermarks

And the 4th type of currency, which we’re currently talking about, is PLEX.

What is PLEX?

In Eve Online, PLEX is short for Pilot’s License Extension. It’s a physical item that you can put in your item hanger, ship hold, sell on the market, trade with another player or put up for contract.

What Can You Do With PLEX?

This item allows a player to purchase things. Here’s a list of things that a player can do with this particular curency.

In the NES or New Eden Store

  • purchase Omega time for 500 PLEX
  • pick up different ship skins or character cosmetics
  • access multiple pilot training
  • buy daily alpha injectors
  • get skill extractors
  • get your hypercores to sell items on the HyperNet

Other Things to do with PLEX

  • buy it on the market
  • sell it on the market for isk
  • give it to another player (common in giveaways)
  • put in in contracts in trade for other items or isk

Buying and Selling PLEX on the Market

You have undoubtedly heard something about being able to get Omega time for “free”. This is known as “PLEXing” your account.

In order to to be able to go into the NES and get your month of Omega, you first need to earn isk.

The current Jita buy value of PLEX is 4.7 million isk. You can always go to Jita and check to see what it’s doing on the market. You can also go to an appraisal site like Evepraisal to see what the buy and sell value currently is.

If you wanted to Omega your account at the time of this article, you would need roughly 2.4 billion isk.

Alternatively, you can buy PLEX for real money if you don’t want to grind to earn the isk. We’ll talk more about what it takes to “PLEX” your account each month in another article.

Selling Your Isk on the Market

In order to get isk quickly, players will often purchase PLEX from the various (authorized) sellers for real money. Once they have the item in their account, they’ll go and sell it in Jita or Perimeter.

There’s 2 ways to sell it.

  1. list it on the market, above buy order price. This could take several days or weeks depending on what you decide to put the sell order up for.
  2. sell it immediately. This may lose some isk, but you’ll be able to utilize it immediately.

Your PLEX Vault

You can see how much of the currency you have in your wallet. Or, you can access it via your PLEX vault on your character sheet.

Unless you want to give another player (or another one of your characters) some PLEX, there’s absolutely no reason for it to ever leave the vault. Now, here at Eve Rookies we do giveaways from time to time. One of the things we gave away to celebrate 1,000 people joining our discord was 500 PLEX. So how did I get it from my vault and to the other player?

Shift Drag into Your Item Hanger

If you want to split out some PLEX from the vault, you can Shift + drag it from the icon above. This ONLY works when its in the vault, not from your wallet. A little window with an amount field will pop up. Whatever you type in will appear in your hanger.

Incidentally, this is also how you split items from stacks.

If you want to get the PLEX back into the vault, right click it and choose the option to put it back into the vault.

Buying PLEX Out of Game

So, as mentioned before, you can buy PLEX for real world money. There’s two trusted places that you can do this.

  1. The Eve Online Store
  2. Markee Dragon’s Store

Markee Dragon is an Eve Streamer and Partner. He worked out a deal to resell PLEX and other packages through his website. Often, you can get it for a little cheaper there than directly through the Eve Store.

And, if you use the links I list below, Eve Rookies gets a little something to help keep the servers running!

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