Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Eve Rookies Shield Vanguard Fleets

Eve Rookies Shield Vanguard Fleets are the starting point for any pilot who has never experienced Sansha Incursions in Eve Online.

Since 2021, we have been running an average of 20 VG fleets a month for players brand new to Eve Online as well as those who have never tried incursion fleets at all. The following information will help you get started on your own journey of experiencing this High Sec activity with new friends in an open and welcoming environment.

What are Vanguard Incursions?

Vanguard Incursions are a type of site that spawns within an incursion focus. There is typically 3 Vanguard Systems (sometimes 4), that can spawn 3 different types of sites.

  • Override Transfer Array: the Override Transfer Array, or OTA, is most preferred by VG incursion runners. There are 3 waves of Sansha rats who die fairly quickly. However, this is also the most dangerous of the sites since almost every rat warp disrupts.
  • Nation Mining Colony: the Nation Mining Colony, or NMC, is the second most preferred site. There are also 3 waves of rats that spawn and payout only comes when 255 pieces of lyavite is dropped in a can.
  • Nation Commander Outpost: the Nation Commander Outpost, or NCO, has 4 waves instead of 3 and the rats spawn close range. This is the site that tends to be the most hated, especially if the fleet is made up of long range ships. There are often “NCO Walls” created and left for the next VG fleet.

Why Are Shield Vanguard Fleets the Starting Point?

If you were pointed here from the Eve Rookies Headquarter Wiki, or another point, you might be wondering why the Shield Vanguard Fleets are the starting point.

  1. Eve Rookies has been specializing in leading players through shield vanguard fleets since 2021.
  2. A day 1 old character, who spends their 1 million skill points wisely, can participate in these fleets.
  3. There are Blaster Praxis and Shield Praxis handouts available (for a deposit) to players.

In addition to the points above, the Eve Rookies Shield Vanguard Fleets are viewed as training fleets for aspiring Headquarter incursion runners. In our Shield Vanguard fleets you will learn:

  • how to set up a waitlist
  • how to set up your overview for an incursion fleet
  • how to set up your drones
  • how to set up your broadcasting
  • how to find the next site align
  • how to align down a jump gate
  • how to follow tags
  • how to enter and leave a site

These are all fundamental lessons that are needed to fly in our intermediate Armor VG fleets as well as Headquarters later down the road.

How to Get Started in Shield VG Fleets

The following is an easy to follow guide to joining our shield VG fleets!

  1. Join the Eve Rookies Discord and check out the #shield-fleet-ping channel.
  2. If a fleet is pinged, find the dockup in the #incursion-status channel.
  3. Get into a shuttle and fly to the dock-up.
  4. In game, join the channel Eve Rookies Incursions.
  5. 10 minutes before the pinged fleet time, the FC will start taking X’s in the in game channel.
  6. To borrow a praxis, place an X in the in game chat channel along with the following sentence:

    I would like to borrow a blaster praxis.
    I would like to borrow a laser praxis.
  7. The FC will invite you to fleet.
  8. Once the FC is done with invites, they will open a trade window with you. You will put 250 million isk into the trade window and the FC will add the ship.
  9. After the fleet, open a trade window with the FC and add your ship. They will add the 250 million isk and you’re significantly richer than when you started.

Doctrine Ships for Shield VG Fleets

Incursion communities will have what’s called a ship doctrine for their fleets. Eve Rookies has a shield VG fleet doctrine as well!

Go to the page and figure out what you want to fly! All ships on the doctrine list are eligible for the Ship Replacement Program (SRP).

For those of you who would like to fly a Paladin or Kronos, you are welcome. However, the ships must have a self rep and they are not eligible for SRP (to date we’ve never lost one).

Helpful Tips and Tricks for the Shield VG Fleet

If you want to try to be ready for your first fleet, then check out the Pre-Flight Checklist. This page includes a video. Some of the UI is out of date, but the idea remains the same.