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Before getting their wings, a FC goes through a time as JFC (junior FC). During this time the JFC will learn everything they need to know to run a fleet on their own! Safely!

How to Become a JFC

You’re in the right place if you’re interested in becoming a junior FC! So what do you need to do to get the JFC title?

Start Tagging for the FC

Most JFCs start out by showing an interest in tagging the VG sites. If you want to give tagging a go, first make sure you have hot keys set up to tag. Once you have those set up, simply ask the FC if you can try tagging a few sites!

What is Eve Rookies Looking for in a FC?

Eve Rookies Incursions is a place where pilots can come to learn about incursions. Often, our fleets will be someone’s first incursion experience and first impressions are everything to us. So with this in mind, we’re looking for that person who:

  • is EXCITED to help other players
  • is patient with new players
  • who believes in our mission to offer public fleets to the Eve community
  • can get along with anyone

We believe that as long as a person believes in what we’re doing, everything else can be taught!

Let Someone Know You are Interested in FCing

After flying with Eve Rookies Incursions and trying your hand at tagging, take a look at the FC Guidelines for VGs. If you think that getting your wings and becoming a full FC is something you want to do, hit up one of the FCs mentioned at the bottom of this post! Just start the conversation with, “I’ve been thinking about becoming a FC at some point..”

What is Expected from the JFCs?

Ok, so you decide that becoming a junior FC is for you. What will come next?

  • Learn how to tag and why tags are done in a certain way
  • Learn how to set up a fleet
  • Learn the newbro speech (and why we have each section of the speech)
  • Learn how each site works
  • How to deal with emergencies
  • Start running fleets with a ‘back seat’
  • Have an alt that’s available to put in the Eve Rookies corp (to access the handout hanger)

What is a Back Seat?

The back seat is the driving instructor. In the beginning, you’ll help them run their fleets. As you learn about setting up and running fleets, your back seats will start giving you more responsibility until one day you’re setting up and running the fleet all on your own!

If you ask someone to be your back seat for a fleet and they say no, please respect it. FCs are people too and they may be exhausted from work or just having a bad day. Fleet safety is important, so if they’re not in the right head space it’s not going to be a good experience for anyone.

What are the Expectations When Becoming a Junior FC?

  • upon getting your JFC tags, have a short conversation with Oliadar Shakiel. As leadership, he’s interested in talking about Eve Rookies, our Core Values and what we’re looking for in FCs.
  • to spend the time as JFC learning the Eve Rookies way of FCing fleets
  • to never try to take a fleet out under the Eve Rookies banner without a back seat.
  • to spend at least 5 minutes after a fleet talking to your back seat about your part in the fleet.
  • to fill out the JFC form (pinned in the JFC chat of Discord) and to get your back seat to fill out their form.

How Long Until I Become a Full FC?

We don’t have any defined period for a JFC before they get their wings (become a FC). It takes how ever long it takes.


Some players come to us with both the knowledge of how to run incursions as well as the ‘Eve Rookies attitude’ we’re looking for. For these players it doesn’t make sense to make them do countless fleets as JFC just to fulfill some requirements.

Others are diamonds in the rough so to speak. They have the desire to become a FC but need to spend more time gaining experience in the drivers seat and learning how to lead people.

Also, there are no bus fleets (fleets where chaos and mayhem ensues to see how the JFC handles it). Instead, every fleet we’re evaluating:

  • the JFC’s general attitude
  • their interaction with new players (we have lots of them)
  • their knowledge of Vanguard Incursions
  • their ability to set up and lead a fleet
  • their safety awareness
  • their ability to follow the Core Values and JFC expectations
  • be able to sit in the Claymore

This is the purpose of the debrief forms both you, as the JFC and your back seat fills out! Not to mention what’s said on the general feedback forms!

Claymore: it’s no longer required to be able to fly the Claymore to become a FC. We have created a Boost channel where pilots capable of flying the boosts can join and the FC can ping for the role. Most will train for the Claymore as it makes the FC more independent.

Who Can I Talk to About Becoming a Junior FC?

The current FCs for Eve Rookies Incursions are:

  • Rukia Sheragi
  • Earl Sheldon
  • Lexx
  • Kshal Aideron
  • Daria
  • Sasha Panther
  • Olly
  • Forlorn Ronin
  • Sturgis Podmore
  • Henry

Additionally, you can speak to Oliadar Shakiel on Discord. While he doesn’t FC fleets he is heavily involved in our incursion logistics and other administrative duties.

By Kshal Aideron

Eve main: Kshal Aideron Corp: FUN Inc NPSI community FC and newbro queen

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