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Stilleto (interceptor)

When we talk about fighting in Eve Online, we talk about things like signature radius and scan resolution. So, what’s scan res and why is it important?

Ships that have a high scan res will lock things quickly while ships with a low scan res, lock things very slowly. For example, a thrasher (destroyer) has a base scan res of 550 while a Vindicator (battleship) is 130. This is why if you’ve ratted in a battleship, it takes FOREVER to lock up rats.

At the end of the day, your signature radius and scan res will dictate how fast you can lock up other ships.

Scan Resolution Modifiers

There are several things that can modify your scan resolution:

  • Ship: each ship has a base scan resolution. Interceptors have the highest scan res while battleships and above the lowest.
  • Skills: there are a few skills that can help improve your scan resolution
    • Signature Analysis: 5% improved targeting speed per level
  • Modules: there are various ship mods that can help with scan res
    • Sensor booster (sebo): this is a mid slot module which can be loaded with a scan res script
    • Signal amplifier: this is a low slot module that gives a 10-15% bonus to scan res
    • Remote sensor booster: like the sensor booster, but this one is made to put on other pilots in your fleet
  • Rigs: you can fit your ship with rigs to give scan res bonuses
    • Targeting system subcontroller: increases the scan res at the cost of shield strength
  • Implants: you can plug in an implant to help with scan res
    • Zainou ‘Gypsy’ Signature Analysis: 1-6% scan res bonus
What is a Scan Resolution Script?

A scan res script is an item you can load onto your sebo (either the personal sensor booster or the remote sensor booster) like ammo. However, it doesn’t get used up like ammo. 1 script is good enough. The script doubles the bonus of the booster. For a T1 module the bonus is 24% unmodified and 30% for a T2.

Vindicator (battleship)

Counters to Scan Resolution

If you want to lower your enemy’s scan res, the EWAR (electronic warfare) modules that will do this would be damps (remote sensor dampening). Like with the sensor booster, you can load the damp with a script to lower scan resolution.

There are special EWAR (electronic warfare) ships such as the Keres and Arazu that get huge bonuses to dampening.

The bonus to the damps is from -13.7% for a T1 damp to 15.3% with a T2 damp.

Remember, rats (NPCs) can also damp!

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