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You may have seen Needlejack Filaments in your Eve Online login rewards, or maybe you heard someone talking about taking a “noise filament” out to null for some exploration.

What are Needlejack Filaments and why might you want to use them? Lets find out!

Why Use Needlejack Filaments?

First thing is first, why would YOU want to use a filament? While there may be a lot of different reasons to use them, the 3 big ones are:

  • To find something to fight (Signal Filament)
  • To get out into a quiet spot for exploration (Noise Filament)
  • A get out of jail free card (read the section about activating in quick succession)

About Needlejack Filaments

A needlejack filament is an item that can transport pilots in a fleet out to Null Sec.

How Many Types of Filaments are There?

These filaments come in 2 flavors:

  • Signal which yeets pilots to a randomly chosen null sec system with high activity.
  • Noise which yeets pilots to a random null system with low activity.

Do Pilots Need to Be in a Fleet?

Yes! However, just like Abyssal Filaments, you just need to start the fleet. There’s no need to actually invite any other pilots to yeet out with you! Although, going out to Null is often more fun with friends!

What About the Pilot Safety?

Safety to Yellow for Needlejack Filament

You’ll need to set your safety to YELLOW in order to use the filament.

If you don’t know where your safety is, check the screen shot to the left!

You’ll also want to make sure all pilots are within 6000 of the FC (fleet commander) in order for the filament to actually activate.

Can Anyone in the Fleet Activate a Filament?

No. Only the pilot in the FC position can activate the filament.

Can Any Ship Be Used to Filament?

Only subcaps can yeet to Null with a filament.

Can These Filaments Be Activated From Any Space?

No. They can only be activated from known space. Needlejack Filaments don’t work from wormholes. You can, however, use them from any other space.

Can They Be Activated in Quick Succession?

No. After being successfully activated, pilots get a 15 minute capsuleer log off timer. This timer prevents a pilot from both successfully using another filament as well as being able to log off safely.

Capsuleer log off timers are also given for any sort of aggression or repair. So don’t lock someone up in your fleet and ewar them for fun, or repair them. This will reset the timer. If you’re trying to use a filament to escape from an enemy, be mindful of this timer!

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

So a few things to keep in mind if you’re planning on using a filament!

  1. You can use these solo, you just need to create a fleet.
  2. You can use them anywhere in High Sec, Low Sec, Null Sec or Pochven.
  3. You will get a 15 minute timer where you can not log off or use another filament.
  4. Forms of aggression or repair will reset the timer.
  5. If you go to yeet with more pilots in the fleet, one pilot not within 6,000km or with a yellow safety will keep you from being able to use the filament. This can have impact on an extraction from a spicy situation.
  6. You can buy them on the market as well as get them for log in rewards.
  7. Anyone can use them regardless of omega or alpha status.

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