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When you signed up for Eve, did you miss out on your 1 million skill points by not joining via a recruitment link?

For the past year I’ve been helping new players get their skill points retroactively. However with the new expansion release, older players can now get their 1 million Eve Online skill points retroactively!

What’s Special About 1 Million SP?

Skill points are an asset in Eve Online that doesn’t come instantly (in most cases). You can get a few thousand here or there with login rewards or skilling sprees.

Unless you’re looking to inject skill points, or buy them in different packs, you’re going to have to earn them by putting skills into your skill queue.

THAT is what makes getting 1 million skill points so special. This represents around 3-4 weeks of training time that you can instantly put in skills! For new players this is absolutely invaluable! For older players, it means they might be able to do something new just a little bit sooner!

Or, maybe pick up that 1 million sp to put into the new skills that came with the Eve Uprising expansion! MORE jump clones and contracts!

It doesn’t really matter WHY you want them, just know that you won’t regret using a few minutes of your precious time to click on the link below to get them!

How to Get 1 Million Eve Online Skill Points Retroactively

Before today, only new players (under 30 days old give or take) were eligible to get their SP retroactively. Of course, they’d have to either have ran into the Eve Rookies article about how to get the SP attached to their account or know someone who knew.

However, today it doesn’t matter if you’ve been playing 20 years or 1 day. If you’ve never been “recruited” you’re eligible for your 1 million skill points! So how do you do it?

Step 1 to Your 1 Million Skill Points

Click the link below.

Step 2 to Your 1 Million Skill Points

Click on the link in the red box and sign in to your existing Eve Online account.

1 million eve online skill points retroactively

That’s it! Your 1 million skill points will show up in your unclaimed items area in game!

What if I Don’t Have an Eve Online Account Yet?

If you haven’t signed up to Eve Online yet, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on this Eve Online recruitment link
  2. Put YOUR information in place of the information already in the fields in the screen shot
  3. When you log in to Eve Online for the first time, you will be able to use your 1 million skill points
1 million skill points new account

Where are My 1 Million Skill Points?

When you log in to Eve Online, you’ll probably notice a little icon that’s flashing in the bottom left hand corner of your screen. This is your unclaimed rewards queue! Your 1 million skill points, log in rewards and package rewards will all go to this queue for you to claim.

Here’s the cool thing about this queue. If you have more than 1 character on your account, you can go to the character you want to have the reward and claim it there! Rewards don’t have to go to your main character!

Where to Get Help with Skill Points

If you’re having issues redeeming your skill points, you can put a ticket in with support.

By Kshal Aideron

Eve main: Kshal Aideron Corp: FUN Inc NPSI community FC and newbro queen

10 thoughts on “Get Your 1 Million Eve Online Skill Points Retroactively”
  1. I signed up for the 1 million skill points
    But never got them
    Perhaps they went to the wrong account
    I have 3 characters

    I need them on my type-7 character

    Please Help


    1. Hey friend! I did the same thing I also signed up and never got them! This is a fake BS scam the game company came up with because the game is dying and they wanted new players to join but if you want 1 million skill points you have to pay for them! I’m uninstalling the game right now! Good luck! I just wanted you to know it’s not you or your account it’s these BS artists!

  2. I’m really disappointed with this game! I have tried this site twice and there is NO 1 MILLION SKILL POINTS! This is just a BS SCAM!

    1. Did you check the claim icon at the bottom left? I did it, and it worked for me and all my friends. We have 10+ year-old accounts. I suggest you double-check your account, it should be there.

  3. I had no problem getting my skill points, on two different accounts too. it’s definitely not BS

  4. Referral links are a big scam.
    If you’re using a referral link, the referee who gave you that link gets 15 days of game time and other goodies worth total of over 1 BILLION ISK.

    It doesn’t matter which link you use as you’ll get the 1 million skill points from any link, but make sure your referee also pays at least a few hundred million ISK back he now saves on buying plex for game time.

    1. They’re not a scam. They do exactly what they’re meant to. The person creating an account gets their 1 million skill points and the person who owns the link gets things if the signee buys something. The problem comes in game with people spamming them, disrupting the game, which is on my radar as CSM.

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