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Like any MMO, Eve Online has a market where pilots can buy and sell items. After looting and salvaging your initial wrecks, you’ll probably want to sell off some items to get ISK.

Put items you want to sell in the station item hanger

When you dock your ship, you’ll want to put the items you’re going to get rid of in the station’s item hanger.

You can’t sell from your ship’s item hanger or station containers.

Item hanger in station

Get Isk Immediately or With Sell Orders

Item estimated value

Essentially you have two options to sell in the market.

Immediate: this is the highest buy order available (and often well below what you’d really want to sell for) but you can get the isk immediately. Sell order: alternatively you can put up a sell order for more isk over a period of time and hope that someone eventually picks it up for the asking price.

To illustrate the concept, we’re going to go ahead and look at selling the first item in our item hanger, the Standard S ammo.

When I hoover my mouse over the ammo, I can see that the estimated price is 8,230 ISK. This is what the market thinks the item is worth.

Now, when I right click the item and click sell, I’ll get a window popping up. DO NOT CLICK SELL right away! Below is an explanation of the window.

Important item info for market
  1. This is the highest buy order that someone put up. This means that 404.10 isk is the highest I can get rid of that piece of ammo for.
  2. I can change the frequency of the sell order. Immediate means right this second, 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks, month and 3 months.
  3. This shows you the price for all of the items together. So if I were selling 2 Standard S, it would be 408.20. It also shows the delta that’s above or below market cost. As you can see, 404.10 is 85% below market price.

So now if we click on the delta (the red part, if it were positive it would be green) we’ll open the market window for that specific item. Note the first time you do this it will be sorted by default on cheapest to most expensive. You’ll actually want to sort it by jumps so you can see if there’s anything for sale in the system you’re in or nearby which I’ve done in the screen shot below.

Item buy and sell orders

Here you can see that these crystals are selling for 3,300. That’s quite a distance from 404 so in this case I’m going to choose to not get rid of it immediately.

Fees and Taxes When Selling Items

There are brokers fees, relist fees and sales taxes when you buy and on the market. However, that’s more of an advanced topic. If you really want to read about Trading Taxes and Skills check Eve University.

Should I be selling items immediately?

Selling item immediately

Once you understand that selling things immediately isn’t always the best option, you can then decide if you really need the ISK now.

In the case above with the Standard S crystal, I’m going to hold onto it until I have a few more vs selling them all at once. However, I have some salvage that’s selling immediately for just 0.10 less than the rest of the orders.

So in this case, I can save myself the broker’s fee (there is no fee on immediate orders) and get rid of it for just 0.10 less than I would get if I put an order up on the market.

Selling item on buy order

This essentially puts liquid ISK into my wallet to use now. Plus, I know that I’m not losing a whole lot of ISK.

If you ask different people, they’ll have different techniques for selling. Some will have big in depth spread sheets, some have rules like they’ll selling immediately if it’s only 100 more on the market. Personally, if I’m only going to lose a couple hundred ISK I’ll sell immediately. Otherwise I’ll put up a an order.

How to use a Sell Order?

Setting timed sell order

I’ve mentioned sell orders a few times. These orders are all those orders you see up in the screen shots. I’m going to go ahead and put in an order for the 70 Metal Scraps I have. They’re selling for 702 ISK immediately but for 1,000 ISK if you put them at a higher price for a longer duration.

As you can see, I’m selling them for 900 and hoping that they’ll sell over the next 2 weeks. If they don’t all go in the next 14 days, they’ll delist and all of the unsold items will go into my item hanger. Then I’ll have to relist them and pay fees on them all over again.

Finding your sell order - Eve Rookies
My order is the one highlighted in blue. Now I have my sell order up and we’ll see if anyone buys my goods!

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