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The Industrialist – Producer Career Agent Missions (previously known as the Industry career agent) provide a mix of mining, hauling, and manufacturing tasks. Some of the missions can be completed in a corvette or frigate equipped with a mining laser, while others will require the use of a venture. Be sure to have the right ship for each mission to ensure a smooth experience.

Producer Career Mission Overview

The career agent provides 10 missions in each of their arcs. Below is an overview of the missions and the rewards you’ll receive.

Potential isk for the Industry Career Mission Arc:

The potential ISK reward for this career mission arc is approximately 3 million ISK. The actual amount you’ll earn will depend on your skills and the randomizer for each ISK amount. Keep in mind that the amount of ISK rewarded will vary for each new pilot.

Please note that the starter corporation you’re in will take a portion of the ISK earned as taxes. If the amount you receive is not exactly what the reward states, this is the reason.

Making Mountains of Molehills 1

For this mission, you’ll need to mine 1,000 units of Veldspar. Please note that you must perform the mining yourself in order to complete the mission. Ore acquired from other sources will not count towards completion. If you’re using a venture for the mission, the game may complain about insufficient cargo space. Don’t worry, this message does not take into account the capacity of the Venture’s ore hold.

Isk EarnedNon Isk RewardsItems GrantedMission ObjectivesNotes
Reward: 204,000 – 266,000
240,000 – 263,000
N/AMiner IMine 1,000 units of VeldsparIt’s recommended to use the Miner I over the civilian miner that comes with the Corvette. The Miner I has a higher mining rate, making it more efficient for gathering resources.

Making Mountains of Molehills 2

Isk EarnedNon Isk RewardsItems GrantedMission ObjectivesNotes
Reward: 0
Bonus: 228,000 – 275,000
VentureN/AReprocess the Veldspar you mined to get 150 units of Tritanium (minerals)To reprocess the Veldspar, first move it from your ship or ore hanger into your station’s item hanger. Then, right-click on the ore and select “reprocess.”

Making Mountains of Molehills 3

Isk EarnedNon Isk RewardsItems GrantedMission ObjectivesNotes
Reward: 0
Bonus: 193,000 – 283,000
Expanded cargo hold I1MN Civilian Miner Afterburner BPCAcquire a 1MN AfterburnerThere are two options for obtaining the afterburner: you can either manufacture it using the blueprint and reprocessed minerals from the previous mission, or you can acquire it from another source and place them in your item hanger.

To manufacture the 1MN Civilian Afterburner, you’ll need to open the Industry window. There are a few different ways to do this:

To create the 1MN Civilian Afterburner, you will need to open the Industry window. This can be done in a few different ways.

  1. Double click on the blueprint.
  2. Click on the industry icon, located under “Board my Corvette.”

Please note that once you finish the career agent missions, you must be at a station (player-owned or NPC-owned) that has industry facilities available in order to continue manufacturing items. In the past, it was possible to obtain these afterburners from corvettes, but CCP has updated the mission to require players to manufacture them themselves.

The Industry Window Explained

  1. This shows the required quantities of each ingredient for the blueprint (you can also view the components by right-clicking the blueprint in your item hanger). In this case, you’ll need Tritanium. If you don’t have enough, you can mine Veldspar and reprocess it to obtain more.
  2. The number of runs you want to do is adjustable. This blueprint is only valid for 2 runs before it will self-destruct. Since we need 2 afterburners, you’ll need to set the number of runs to 2 in-game.
  3. The duration of the job for the specified number of runs is shown. With only 1 run ordered, the job will take 4m42s to complete. If you increase the number of runs to 2, it will take 9m24s at the default skill level (you can invest points in the industry skill to receive a 4% time reduction for manufacturing items).
  4. The cost for 1 run of the afterburner is shown.

While you wait for the manufacturing job to finish, you have the option to start a mission from another career agent or take a break. This is a good opportunity to grab a drink or take a quick break before continuing with your in-game activities.

Making Mountains of Molehills 4

If you aren’t already using a venture, now is a good time to fit the one you received in mission 2. First, remove the civilian weapon and afterburner from your corvette. Then, board your Venture and fit the Miner I, civilian weapon, and afterburner. Don’t forget to also fit the Mining Laser Upgrade I that you received in the previous mission. This will ensure that your Venture is properly equipped for mining and combat.

To complete this mission, you must kill the rats that appear after a few minutes. There are a few different strategies you can use:

  1. Fit a gun and then replace it with a miner after the rats are dead.
  2. Keep a miner and gun equipped and take more time to kill the rats.
  3. Remove two drones and keep your two mining lasers active to continue mining while fighting the rats.

Choose the approach that best fits your playstyle and resources.

Isk EarnedNon Isk RewardsItems GrantedMission ObjectivesNotes
Reward: 0
271,000- 277,000
Miner IN/AMine enough veldspar to reprocess 7,000 units of TritaniumKill the rats that appear.

Making Mountains of Molehills 5

In this delivery mission, you will be required to travel to a different location in order to deliver a product. Once you have completed the delivery, you will need to return to your career agent before you can proceed to mission 6.

Isk EarnedNon Isk RewardsItems GrantedMission ObjectivesNotes
Reward: 0
177,000 – 234,000
Expanded cargo hold I1MN AfterburnerTransport items to another stationDon’t forget to put items in your ship hold BEFORE undocking.

Making Mountains of Molehills 6

If you are not located near a Plagioclase belt, you may need to travel a significant distance to reach one. For example, if you are starting from the Amarr region, the nearest belt is 23 jumps away.

There are two options for completing this mission: you can either purchase cap boosters from the market or gather the necessary minerals by mining or buying them and reprocessing them in your inventory.
Isk EarnedNon Isk RewardsItems GrantedMission ObjectivesNotes
Reward: 208,000 – 249,000
Bonus: 222,000 – 259,000
N/ACap booster 25 bpcManufacture or aquire 20 Cap Booster 25.Buying the cap boosters on the market is the fastest way to finish this mission.

Making Mountains of Molehills 7

Simple delivery mission. Take the cap boosters to a station in another nearby system.

Isk EarnedNon Isk RewardsItems GrantedMission ObjectivesNotes
Reward: 0
75,000 – 79,000
Overdrive injector system IN/ATransport 20 units of Cap Booster 25.The cap boosters you purchased or made will be in your item hanger. Put them in your ship hold.

Making Mountains of Molehills 8

If you don’t have enough Tritanium in your item hanger, then go out to a belt and mine some Veldspar.

Isk EarnedNon Isk RewardsItems GrantedMission ObjectivesNotes
196,000 – 262,000
238,000 – 261,000
N/AShuttle blueprintCreate shuttle.To finish the mission, click “deliver” on the industry window.

Making Mountains of Molehills 9

As part of this mission, it is necessary to engage in both Kernite mining and rat extermination. Be sure to equip your Venture with appropriate weapons or drones for combat. Keep in mind that Kernite is commonly found in low security space and produces the minerals Mexallon and Isogen.

You will need Isogen for your last mission. FILL YOUR HOLD.

Isk EarnedNon Isk RewardsItems GrantedMission ObjectivesNotes
Reward: 213,000
Bonus: 242,000
N/AN/ARetrieve Production AssistantMake sure you have a gun or drones to kill rats. You’ll have to mine and then kill the rats that show up to finally retrieve the Production Assistant.

Making Mountains of Molehills 10

The last mission of the producer career agent story arc is to make a frigate. The frigate will take a mineral called Isogen found in Kernite.

If you mined the Kernite from mission #9, reprocess it and you have your Isogen. You will only need about 500. For the other minerals, you’ll need to mine the different ores found in High Sec or buy the ore/minerals from the market.

This mission takes about 1.5 hours so go do something else while your frigate cooks.

Isk EarnedNon Isk RewardsItems GrantedMission ObjectivesNotes
Reward: 0
Bonus: 199,000 – 264,000
Fast industrial ship the of the character’s faction.

Amarr – Sigil
Caldari – Badger
Gallente – Nereus
Minmatar – Wreathe
Frigate blue print of your factionMake a frigateYou may need to mine, buy, or reprocess modules that you looted to get all of the minerals to make the frigate.

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