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Are you a new Eve Online player? Or are you a returning vet? Are you overwhelmed about how to get started in a sandbox game that offers endless possibilities for game play? Don’t worry! Eve Rookies has your back!

There are 3 things to do when starting Eve Online. Keep going to find out what they are!

Eve Online Tutorial

1. The Eve Online Tutorial

The importance of the tutorial for new players in Eve Online can’t be overstated. It’s designed to acquaint beginners with the basic ship controls along with very basic Eve Online terminology that will be used through the game.

Skipping this foundational step can lead to a confusing and often frustrating experience as you attempt to navigate through the game.

Here are some of the foundational skills that you’ll learn:

  • looking around space
  • aligning to an object
  • boarding a ship hanging in space as a pod
  • locking up a target
  • orbiting a target
  • shooting a target
  • applying EWAR (specifically web and ECM – i.e. jams)
  • what happens if you get your ship and pod blown up
  • how to get a free corvette (starter ship)
  • opening a fitting window and fit a module
  • how to redeem a reward
  • looting a wreck
  • how to lock an asteroid to mine
  • selling items
  • all about your wallet and your transactions

2. Complete the Career Agent Missions

After you complete the tutorial, head over to the nearest Career Mission system and start working through the 5 different Career Mission agents.

If you’re asking why this is something important for new players to do (or returning vets), you’re going to learn the basics of different things that you can do in Eve Online.

  • how to kill NPCs while ratting or doing combat missions (or even belt rats)
  • the basics of mining (reprocessing into minerals)
  • salvaging
  • exploration basics (probing, hacking data and relic sites)
  • industry basics (blueprints, making things)
  • an attempt to learn pvp by applying EWAR

On top of learning (or getting a refresher) basic commands and interfaces, completing each of the Career Mission arcs will earn you free items. You’ll get several free frigates and a destroyer, ammo, and weapon modules among other things. And of course while you’re completing the missions, you’re also earning isk.

Don’t forget, by going through the Career Missions you’re also competing objectives for the AIR Career Program. As you complete objectives you get modules, ISK and even skill points. You can complete this outside of the Career Missions, but it gives you a head start!

AIR Career Program

3. Undertake the Sisters of Eve Epic Arc: Bloodstained Stars

The question everyone asks themselves after they do the Career Missions is, “What do I do now?”

Go into the Agents and Missions tab of The Agency window and select Epic Arcs. The very first one available to you is the Sisters of Eve Epic Arc: Bloodstained Stars.

The Agency Window

This mission is aimed at newer players. In 52 missions, you will travel across High Sec performing jobs for the Sisters of Eve. You’ll not only get to know the area, but you’ll earn is from the missions as well as from anything that you loot.

By the time you get to the last missions where you’ll attempt to kill a fairly tough enemy, you should be flying a destroyer which when properly fit, you will have enough DPS and tank to complete the objective.

After the 3 Things to Do When Starting Eve Online

After completing these 3 things when starting Eve Online, you should have more knowledge and skills than when you started. Look at the tutorial, career missions and the SOE epic arc as “tasters” of what you can do in Eve Online. None of it is meant to be fulfilling in it’s basic form, but at some point you should have felt like you really liked doing one thing over another.

For example, I learned that I don’t mind ratting (or doing combat missions) that much. However, I dislike mining and probing things down. So I knew that being a miner or explorer wasn’t for me.

Of course, at this point, you maybe wondering “what’s next?” If you liked mining, go find yourself a mining corporation. Or join a public mining fleet. If you liked ratting, maybe incursions are for you. Did you like applying EWAR to things? You can also try a NPSI pvp fleet. This is Eve Online. The possibilities really are endless.

By Kshal Aideron

Eve main: Kshal Aideron Corp: FUN Inc NPSI community FC and newbro queen

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