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On day 4 of a new alpha account, you will get a Starter Gift Cerebral Accelerator. Before you pop it into your head, learn what cerebral accelerators are and how you can get the most out of it!

What are Cerebral Accelerators?

A cerebral accelerator falls under “medical boosters” in Eve Online. These are performance enhancing drugs that give temporary boosts to skills so either you can train skills faster or perform a function better. For example, a blue pill gives bonuses to shield boosting while Agency Pyrolancea gives bonus to turret and missile damage.

Cerebral accelerators are a special booster that increases the attributes of a pilot. This is your Perception, memory, willpower, intelligence and charisma. When you pop it, it’ll help you train skills faster. Of course, the speed and length of the booster depends on the type you’re using.

Types of Cerebral Accelerators

On day 4 of being a brand new alpha character, you will receive a Basic ‘Rebel’ Cerebral Accelerator. It goes into slot 10 and increases your attributes by 4 points for 24 hours. The only requirement is you have Science 1, which you got as part of the tutorial… but before you use it, scroll down and read how to get the most out of it!

Other types of accelerators:

  • Expert Cerebral Accelerator: add 8 points to your attributes for 12 days and 12 hours
  • Extended ‘Rebel’ Cerebral Accelerator: add 6 points to your attributes for 3 days
  • Master at Arms Cerebral Accelerator: adds 10 points to your attributes for 1 day
  • Potent ‘Rebel’ Cerebral Accelerator: adds 8 points to your attributes for 1 day

Note: the Rebel accelerators expire on September 14, 2021. It is unknown at the time if there will be a replacement.

How to Double the Duration of Your Accelerators

Did you know that you can double the life of your accelerators? Yes, you can! With BIOLOGY! And you didn’t think that biology was any fun in school…

Ok, enough with the bad jokes. Lets get to the point here. Every LEVEL of Biology that you train up will extend boosters (not just the accelerators) by 20%. So at level 1, it’s only a little extra time, at level 5 it’s literally double the duration. So with a Expert Cerebral Accelerator you can get well over 24 days of use if your biology is level 5!

Now, here’s the bad news. Alpha’s can only train biology up to level 3 which honestly, is OK. This still gives you 76 hours and 48 minutes worth of faster training.

However, if you’re an omega who gets your hands on an Expert Cerebral Accelerator, you really want to get your biology to level 5 first. It’s totally worth it!

Where to Get Cerebral Accelerators

There’s a few places you can get them:

  • Day 4 alpha gift
  • Buy them for isk in game
  • Get them for special events, like the Crimson Harvest
  • Gift for friends registering through your Friend Link buying plex
  • Buy them from the Eve Online store in packs

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