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Preface: What is Abyssal Deadspace?

Abyssal Deadspace – also called ‘the Abyss’ – is “an area of isolated space” only accessible through special keys, called Filaments. These filaments open a special area called a ‘pocket’ containing enemies and a great deal of loot. However, there is a time limit on these pockets. When you enter a pocket, you have a maximum of 20 minutes to complete them. Otherwise, you will lose your ship and capsule.

Hence, I offer two bits of advice right off the bat. Firstly, never fly what you can’t afford to lose/replace, and secondly, consider your ship and pod lost the moment you enter the Abyss, just in case you don’t make it out.

The Abyss has many different kinds of filaments, ranging from ‘Tranquil’ (Tier 0) to ‘Cataclysmic’ (Tier 6) in difficulty, and ranging in the environmental effects your ship will suffer from while in the pocket.

This guide will focus on the Tranquil difficulty and the ‘Electrical’ weather type, and the ship used will be a Punisher-class frigate, a relatively easy ship for a newbro to fly, both Isk-wise and skills-wise.

I: My Punisher Fit and the Skills Used

The fit used can be found at the link here.

However, this fit is rather skill-intensive, benefitting from a wide range of skills that improve various aspects of its performance.

To this end, I advise claiming the 1 million free Skill Points to use this ship. Kshal Aideron has made two excellent posts showing you how to claim these Skill Points, including if you are on an already existing account. The skills are here in this provided list.

II: How to enter the Abyss

Firstly, you’ll need three Tranquil Electrical Filaments. These currently cost about 225K Isk per filament at Jita prices (subject to periodic change). Remember to put them in your cargo-hold before you undock.

Secondly, you’re going to need to be – strangely – in a fleet containing only yourself. To do this, right-click on your ship in space, go to the Pilot sub-menu and click ‘Form Fleet With…’.

Then, you’ll need to find a safe spot to use the filaments. To activate a filament, you need to be more than 100km away from a Gate, Station or Mobile Depot, and more than 1000km away from any other Abyssal gateway. Furthermore, you may only use Abyssal Filaments when you are in 0.8 security space or below.

The moment you use the filaments, an Abyssal Trace will appear in space. Click on this, press the ‘Jump’ (or similar) button, and click ‘Enter’. You will then be taken into an Abyssal pocket.

A Punisher-class Frigate entering an Abyssal Deadspace pocket.

III: How to use the ship in the Abyss

When you enter the pocket, you will enter a space with enemies.

I’ve created individual strategies based on each enemy type that you’ll face in a pocket. However, these strategies may not necessarily be foolproof, and so I highly advise you to pilot this ship in the way you are most competent and comfortable. What works for me may not work for you, and vice versa.

Since the filament type is Electrical, your capacitor recharge rate is doubled. This means you’ll be cap-stable assuming you are fit and skilled correctly. Run both Armor Repairers and the Afterburner at all times, there’s no reason not to :]

The ‘can’ I’ll make reference to in the below tips is the large canister floating in space called a ‘Triglavian Biocombinative Cache’. You must destroy this cache and loot it in order to make a profit.

IV: Strategies:

Ephialtes Lancer (Cruiser-sized Sleeper ship) – Orbit the target at 5,000m and use the Multispectrum crystals in your guns.
Attacker Pacifier Disparu Troop (Frigate-sized CONCORD ship) – Same as the Lancer.
Skybreaker Disparu Troop (Frigate-sized EDENCOM ship) – Same as the Lancer. [Note: This enemy has a 100+ DPS shield tank, the highest regeneration of all enemies in Tranquil Abyssal content.]
Lucid Escort/Aegis (Frigate-sized Sleeper ships) – Same as the Lancer.

Devoted Hunter (Frigate-sized Sansha ship) – Orbit the target at 25km and use the Radio crystals in your guns.

Tessella Drones (Frigate-sized Rogue Drone ships) – Orbit the canister at 5,000m and use the Multispectrum crystals in your guns.
Striking (Vila) Damavik (Frigate-sized Triglavian ships) – Same as the Tessella Drones.
[Note – The Striking Vila Damavik launches drones at your ship. These drones do not need to be killed in order to enter the next room. I advise simply focusing on the ship itself.]
Lucifer Dramiel [Swordspine/Medusa etc.] (Frigate-sized Angel Cartel ships) – Same as the Tessella Drones. These ships move exceedingly quickly, and may also apply some form of Electronic Warfare.

A Punisher-class Frigate approaching a Triglavian Biocombinative Cache and Transfer Conduit.

V: How to escape Abyssal Deadspace, and why this is profitable

To leave the Abyss, you have to destroy three rooms’ worth of enemies, travelling from room to room by using ‘Transfer Conduits’. You can tell a Conduit is active by the loud activation sound they make.

Once you destroy the last enemy in the third and final room, the ‘Origin Conduit’ will open. You can leave the Abyss back into regular space through this, with all your new, shiny loot.

The Abyss is a much more profitable venture than most other Alpha-accessible activities, barring Incursions and higher-level missions (which typically require Omega to do well). On average, a new player can make up to 10 million ISK an hour with this fit and guide. This fit, ship, and activity also teach valuable fitting skills to a new player, which they can then take into higher tiers of the Abyss for greater reward.

This way, a newbro will be able to have more money to spend fitting up other ships, and will have the resources they need to become more invested in EVE.

Hopes this helps anyone interested! 😀

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  1. Thank you so much for this post, been playing for a couple of weeks and tried lots of different fits from youtube videos, etc but this is the first newbie guide I have found that is easy to understand and works perfect! Cheers

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