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Voting for CSM 18 starts on September 4th and will run until the 11th. You’ve found out that you’re eligible to vote in this round of elections but have no idea WHO to vote for. Here’s a suggestion of 10 candidates who’s platform aligns with the goals of Eve Rookies.

Most of the candidates touch on the new player experience or are still new enough to remember what it was like. Some delve into areas that Eve Rookies is either just entering (industry and mining) or haven’t embarked on yet (faction warfare and wormhole space). And of course two of the final candidates represent the NPSI pvp community which I’m also part of and FC for.

Eve Rookies 10 CSM18 Candidates

The following are the suggested candidates, in order from the #1 vote spot to #10.

SpotNameAllianceWhy Vote
1Kshal AideronThe AncientsCEO of Eve Rookies and a member of the alliance The Ancients, Kshal is 100% all in for looking after new players and their experience in Eve. Equally important parts of her agenda is community and making the game more accessible to players across all ability levels.
2Mike AzariahN/AMike Azariah is the driver of The Magic School Bus. He can be found in a career system several days of the week handing out ships to brand new players. While waiting for new players to take him up on his offer, he can be found in Rookie Help answering questions.
3Corporal FillipN/ALike Kshal and Mike, Corporal Fillip dedicates a lot of his time to helping new players and can often be found in the Rookie Help chat as well.
4Dujek OneeyeBrave CollectiveBrave Newbies is where a number of new players will have their first null sec corporation experience. This gives Dujek a very unique outlook of dealing with newbros as well as the issues they may encounter while out in null.
5Rico ShikkokenUnited Caldari Space CommandRico’s play time has primarily been in Faction Warfare and wormhole space so this is where he is most knowledgeable. However, his entire campaign for CSM18 is those quality of life improvements, small things that can make all of our lives easier.

He is also color blind, so he wants to see a few updates to help with this particular challenge.
6Twan MolenaarThe Amarr MilitiaTwan wants to make sure that necessary changes happen within the Faction Warfare space. In addition, he wants to see new players be able to train skills that go towards their goals and not stuck on having to solve power grid or CPU issues.
7Yondu QuillBrave CollectiveYondu is an industry guy. He went from the typical newbro ammo making to helping make titans after joining Brave. He wants to see improvements in PI, hauling and of course industry.
8Lee AdoulinSolyaris ChtoniumLee is another industry guy. Like Yondu, he wants to not only see changes within the PI, industry and hauling spaces but he also wants to see a “safe time” for a new player. This means that as long as they don’t venture off into low sec or wormhole space (or do other things that knock off the newbie status) they’d be “gank immune” for a certain amount of time.
9Gideon ZendikarD-Sync.Gideon is a pvp FC and pilot. His experience is mainly in small gang pvp fleets, however, he also flies in the NPSI community.
10LarknessN/ALarkness is a NPSI FC and pilot. He has some QOL ideas he’d like to push such as rolling blackout storms. However, he’s also a miner and would like to see QOL updates for mining in low sec among other things.

Vote for a Full 10 Candidates

Even if you decide to change up the candidates, or the order, please make sure to vote for a full 10 if you’re eligible! CCP uses a STV System for voting so as players are elected or eliminated, your votes will drop down to the next candidate on the ballot.

So while you number 1 might not make it, candidates that you feel will do an OK job could get in if you made sure to include them in your top 10!

Good luck to all candidates who stepped up!

By Kshal Aideron

Eve main: Kshal Aideron Corp: FUN Inc NPSI community FC and newbro queen

2 thoughts on “Eve Rookies Suggested CSM18 Ballot”
  1. Interesting, we have a few similar votes. Sad to see I’m not on this list but it’s understandable. No matter the outcome I wish the ones elected the best. Good group of people honestly, I talk to them regularly on the csm discord.

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