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When I started playing Eve Online back in January 2021, I never imagined I’d become a leader of anything much less the CEO of a group like Eve Rookies. Looking back at the last year, I’m honestly floored with our achievements.

Yes, our achievements. I may be the CEO, however there’s no way I could have done this alone. It’s taken every single one of our Leadership, FCs, JFCs, Ambassadors and of course all of the players to hit every one of our achievements this year.

  • New leadership, FCs, JFCs and Ambassadors added to the management team
  • Pilots pushing themselves and accomplishing things they never thought they could
  • A LOT of fleets through the year
  • Tons of new pilots joining Eve Rookies through the year

Lets take a look at some specifics!

Eve Rookies Management Team

The Eve Rookies management team has evolved over the year to be the following:

  • CEO: the head honcho and main decision maker.
  • Leadership: the “directors” if you will. These are the pilots the CEO trusts to care for and manage the group. They are decision makers, problem solvers and leaders. Not everyone on the leadership team is an FC, everyone has their strengths. We added 1 new person to the leadership team in 2022.
  • FCs: FCs are the pilots who run the fleets. By the end of 2022 the FCs were split up into 4 groups. We added several FCs to all of the categories this year!
    • All round FCs: these FCs can put on any type of fleet. Incursion (training or A fleet), PVP or non-incursion PVE fleets
    • A fleet FCs: these FCs can run A Fleets, PVP or non-incursion PVE fleets.
    • PVE/PVP FCs: these FCs can run PVP or non-incursion PVE fleets.
    • JFCs: these pilots are in training for a FC role with incursions or FOBs
  • Ambassadors: these are pilots who are regulars and know how Eve Rookies operates. They have no real desire to FC but can help moderate the Discord channel and speak with knowledge on different subjects.

Leadership From All Areas of the Game

When I look outwards at all the drama that happens within and between different groups, it’s quite amazing that Eve Rookies is comprised of leadership from all different areas of Eve.

At this moment we have leadership and FCs from all walks of life in New Eden. We have Leadership and FCs from Goons, Horde, NPSI and independent. The one thing that everyone has in common is when it comes to Eve Rookies any drama is left at the door and we do what we do best! Run activities for and help new players!

Pilots Pushing Themselves

A lot of pilots contact me to talk about things. I’ve heard from more than one pilot that they’ve managed to work through anxiety in order to talk on comms or fulfill different roles. Or that they have overcome obstacles to achieve things that they never thought was possible. This perfectly showcases the power of a welcoming and inclusive community where everyone is wanted and valued!

Eve Rookies Accomplishments of 2022

2022 has been a year of milestones and accomplishments. Lets briefly look over them!

Eve Rookies 2022 Fleet Activity

In my best estimation (because I wasn’t tracking ALL fleets that Eve Rookies hosted) we’ve managed to pull off an average of 22 fleets every month through 2022.

  • Incursion fleets: 18 fleets a month (both training and A fleets)
  • Forward base fleets (FOB): 1 a month (started in July 2022)
  • Mission fleets: 1-2 a month
  • PVP fleets: 1-2 a month (hosted under FUN Inc)

There’s more tracking in place so 2023 should represent better numbers. However, for a fledgling group, I’m pretty proud of these numbers!

A Crazy Overall Growth of New Pilots

Kshal Aideron for CSM 17

In May 2022 I ran for CSM. Spoiler, I didn’t win. Or did I?

While I was eliminated at spot 21, I won because of the attention that Eve Rookies got. And besides, how many 2 year old players can say they beat out players that have been around since day 1?!

Make sure to keep an eye out for the CSM18 campaigning to start this coming spring!

Fanfest 2022 in Iceland

Of course, while at Fanfest 2022 I couldn’t stop talking about Eve Rookies. We saw growth here as well.

Everyone Learning Our Name

Ok, so not everyone knows our name. However, by summer 2022 I was starting to see other pilots (a lot who I don’t even know who they are) recommend Eve Rookies to new players. This could be on Reddit, the Eve Forums, the Eve Discord or other locations.

Eve Rookies also has a place on the NPSI Calendar due to the fact that we’re a partner of Eve Linknet. However, even if we weren’t we probably have a place there since we’re a public community that was born out of the concept of NPSI. Anyone can come fly with us regardless of who we are.

Added to Eve Uni’s Wik

Sometime in the early fall Eve Rookies was finally added to the Incursion entry of the Eve University wiki.

Added to the Sidebar of /r/EveNewbies

In October, I managed to wrangle myself a moderator on /r/EveNewbies on reddit. This meant I was able to put Eve Rookies in the sidebar, finally!

Overall Growth of Eve Rookies

This is what the growth of new pilots that came out to Eve Rookies fleets in 2022 looked like:

  • Jan: 8
  • Feb: 8
  • March: 10
  • April: 11
  • May: 14
  • June: 21
  • July: 57
  • Aug: 15
  • Sept: 25
  • Oct: 16
  • Nov: 24
  • Dec: 32

Growth of the Eve Rookies Discord

We’re almost at 1,000 pilots on Discord. In December alone, we’ve added just over 80 new people!

Not everyone that joins Discord decides to fly with us. Some are just joining all known Eve Online resources, some come for information. Some are just looking to chit chat while not actually doing anything in game.

What I find really awesome is since the start of Eve Rookies we’ve only had to ban 2 people from our server. That’s 2 people in 1 year and 9 months. This isn’t something you see everyday.

Everyone on the server does a pretty good job of being welcoming and inclusive. There’s been loads of drama among other groups in 2022 and some pilots tried to bring it up, however whenever someone from leadership said, “Not here” everyone abided by it.

This is something rare, treasured and guarded closely. Hopefully we can maintain this awesome atmosphere through the next year!

Thoughts to Those Who We Lost in 2022

Since the day I started playing Eve, I heard stories about the friendships that are forged. I witnessed the power of these friendships at Fanfest and have formed my own.

However, as every year, we’ve lost a few on the way to 2023. I actually learned of one during the last stream of 2022, minutes from the clock turning to midnight. I learned that I had an impact on her, which is quite humbling. It saddens me that I won’t see the exclamation of Mama Bear! (what she called me) in my streams anymore but gratifying to know I made an impact. All I have to say is treasure the friendships you make.

Looking Towards 2023

Now that we’ve looked behind us, it’s time to look forward. Here’s some things that will be happening in 2023:

  • I will be running for a spot on CSM 18
  • Several Eve Rookies pilots are headed to Fanfest 2023
  • Wormhole ratting fleets
  • Another A fleet time slot being established (Thursdays 19:00)

And of course some of my hopes and wishes for the new year:

  • Get Eve Partner somehow, some way
  • Get more fleets in the US tz
  • Get more fleets in the AU tz
  • Run more activities in general

Regardless of what new milestones or achievements we make, I’m happy that you’re all along for the ride. And for those of you just now finding this, welcome! Buckle up and enjoy this crazy ride!

By Kshal Aideron

Eve main: Kshal Aideron Corp: FUN Inc NPSI community FC and newbro queen

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