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Since 2005, CCP has run PLEX for GOOD in order to allow pilots to convert their in game currency to real world money. This money is then donated to a cause by CCP. To date pilots have managed to raise over $1.2 million for different causes.

The 2023 PLEX for GOOD Campaign

On the 6th of February, 2023 Turkey and Syria were hit with a devastating 7.8 earthquake. There were more than 2100 aftershocks. As of the time of this article, a new earthquake has hit that registered as 6.3 on the Richter scale.

As of February 19th the death count is almost at 48,000 lives lost with more coming in from the new earthquake. Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced, their homes either being destroyed or are unsafe to go back to.

This is where Eve Online players get to step in and try to do some good. It’s currently undecided where the money from the PLEX will be donated but it might be doctors without boarders or Ahbap (a local turkish non-profit).

Eve Rookies PLEX for Good Campaign

Pilots on the Eve Rookies Discord server asked to do something for the PLEX for GOOD campaign. Due to a busy upcoming week, I really didn’t have time to do some of the more elaborate activities that other groups decided to hold. For Eve Rookies, a 50/50 raffle was one of the simplest yet effective things to do.

At the end of the raffle, Eve Rookies would match whatever amount of PLEX we were able to buy with the charity portion of the 50/50.

What is a 50/50 Raffle?

50/50 raffles, also sometimes referred to 50/50 draws are fairly common in the United States as a way for an organization or charity to raise money. Half of the money goes to the organization or charity and the other half goes to one of the ticket buyers.

What Was the Eve Rookies 50/50 Raffle?

Starting on Monday, the 13th of February, players could buy tickets for the raffle at 10 million isk each. Or, if they didn’t care about the raffle, they could make donation straight into the PLEX pot as we started calling it. Here’s how it went down:

Monday, the 13th of February

Katt Aideron's Feb 13, 2022 Wallet

The pot started with 500 million isk. That would break down to:

  • Prize pot: 250m
  • PLEX pot: 250m

Tuesday, the 14th of February

Katt Aideron's Feb 14, 2022 Wallet
  • Prize pot: 380m
  • PLEX pot: 380m

Wednesday, the 15th of February

Katt Aideron's Feb 15, 2022 Wallet
  • Prize pot: 1.6b
  • PLEX pot: 1.6b

Thursday, the 16th of February

Katt Aideron's Feb 16, 2022 Wallet

This is where it starts getting interesting since we got our first donations straight into the PLEX pot.

  • Prize Pot: 1.6b and some change
  • PLEX Pot: 3.6b

Friday, the 17th of February

Katt Aideron's Feb 17, 2022 Wallet

We got quite a lot in the ways of donations!

  • Prize pot: 4.8b
  • PLEX pot: 16.9b

Saturday, the 18th of February

Katt Aideron's Feb 18, 2022 Wallet
  • Prize pot: 5.3b
  • PLEX pot: 17.5b

7,118 PLEX Sent to the PLEX for GOOD Campaign

The raffle drawing winner ended up winning 5.3 billion isk. Meanwhile, Eve Rookies was able to purchase 3,559 PLEX with the 17.5b from the PLEX pot. This meant that we were able to send over 7,118 PLEX to the PLEX for GOOD campaign! That’s roughly $295!

Plex4Good Contract

I fully realize that this isn’t as amazing as what other groups were able to raise. However, other groups have players who have income sources or who have been in game from almost the beginning. Eve Rookies works with newbros and returning vets who typically don’t have any income sources. There’s a reason pilots come to fly on our incursion fleets!

So the fact that this community was able to come together to raise enough isk to buy 3,559 PLEX? I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty amazing.

About Eve Rookies

Eve Rookies was created in March 2021 as project to lower the bar of entry to high sec incursions. We specialize in taking brand new players as well as those who have never experienced incursion fleets.

In almost 2 years we’ve expanded our fleet offerings from just incursions to other PVE and PVP fleets. We offer mission, Forward Base and deep space mining fleets. In cooperation with FUN Inc and Eve Link-net, we hold a bi-weekly NPSI newbro roam for those who want to try out PVP.

Handouts and SRP are available for all fleets (some fleets do require a deposit on the ship such as incursions).

By Kshal Aideron

Eve main: Kshal Aideron Corp: FUN Inc NPSI community FC and newbro queen

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