Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

CCP has finally released the 2021 Year in Eve videos for pilots!

All About Your Year in Eve Video

If you haven’t received the email with the 2021 year end video, you can go to this website to retrieve it:

Kshal Aideron's Year in Eve 2021

What character do I log in with? Make sure it’s your MAIN character (the one with the MOST skill points).

What period does it cover? 1 December 2020 to 30 November 2021 (so assume December 2021 will be covered in the 2022 video).

Do alpha’s get the video? Only if your main account had OMEGA for 1 month between 1 Dec 2020 and 30 Nov 2021.

Do I get a video per character? No. This video is about YOU, not your characters. So all of the stats in the video cover all the accounts attached to the same email as you use on your main account.

How long will the above link last? 30 days from 17 December 2021.

Can I easily download the video? Yes! There’s a nice big “download video” button on the Year in Eve video page!

Can I share my video? There’s share links on the page! And apparently if you share and include the #MyEve2021 hashtag you could win prizes!

Now lets go ahead and take a look at my video below!

YouTube player

By Kshal Aideron

Eve main: Kshal Aideron Corp: FUN Inc NPSI community FC and newbro queen

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