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Like most MMO’s, Eve Online has events for all the major holidays. Halloween is no different. Except for 2021 it’s no longer only the Crimson Harvest. This year we have Eve’s Halloween Horrors which is made up of a variety of activities.

This year’s Halloween festivities will run from October 28 until November 9th.

Halloween Horrors Login Rewards

The login reward for this year’s Halloween event includes skill points, skins, specialty boosters, and fireworks.

Alpha only:

  • 10,000 skill points in total
  • Incursus, tormentor, caracal, stabber and vexor skins
  • Fireworks


  • 75,000 skill points in total
  • 3 EWAR related boosters
  • Megathron and armageddon skins

Halloween Horrors Crimson Harvest

The Crimson Harvest is a Blood Raider event where you can go find combat and hacking anomalies all over New Eden, including wormhole space. When you log in for the first time, you will need to choose the side you’ll support. The Order of St. Tetrimon which is a fanatical Amarr religious order or the Blood Raiders.

eve online crimson harvest

The side you choose will dictate what rewards you get for completing stages of the Crimson Harvest in The Agency activity finder.

Trick or Halloween Horrors Treat

PVP has historically been VERY important to the Crimson Harvest. I mean, this is all about the Blood Raiders who are blood thirsty pirates right? So for the duration of event the drop rate of all player ships that are taken down is 90%.

During this event, Eve Rookies Incursions is standing down all fleets as incursion ships are loot piñatas. If you’re running missions, hauling, or mining in high sec please be aware you ARE NOT SAFE. High sec gankers and opportunists are going to be out looking for blingy battleships and other targets of opportunity for the haul.

Please note if it comes to the attention of any of the high sec incursion groups that you were part of any incursion ship ganking, you will be going on the black lists across all groups. Yes, we share intel.

On the other hand, this is the PERFECT time to watch the Eve Rookies Discord for public PVEPVP fleets out in low and null sec! We go do the combat sites and if there’s someone to kill or a fight, we’ll take it! It’s win win on loot and entertainment!

Omega Discount

From time to time CCP likes to do omega account discounts and Halloween is no different! Get 15% off 1, 3, 6 or 12 months omega! This is only good until November 3rd!

monsters from the murk hecate skin

Monsters From the Murk

If you’re a skin enthusiast, you’re going to love the fact that the Malagrin Marshlight SKIN series is back! These are skins you can either get as drops in the Crimson Harvest combat and exploration sites, or you can buy from the SKIN store with PLEX.

Bonus Candy

CCP will be handing out some extra Halloween Horrors treats! With the following PLEX packages, you can get Deathglow Hunters SKINs!

  • 240 PLEX: cormorant deathglow hunter skin
  • 500 PLEX: vexor deathglow hunter skin
  • 2860 PLEX: oracle deathglow hunter skin
  • 7430 PLEX: hurricane deathglow hunter skin

A Blood-Red Proving Grounds

Until November 2nd, you can enter yourself in the 4 player destroyer FFA (free for all) in the abyssal proving grounds.

For this event, the arena will grant an increase to web range, nosferatu and energy nosferatu strength and laser turret damage. The ships that are green lighted are:

  • coercer
  • dragoon
  • cormorant
  • corax
  • catalyst
  • algos
  • thrasher
  • talwar

Modules are limited to meta level 5 and pirate implants are restricted.

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