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Congratulations on being accepted into the fleet! It’s time for you to join the voice comms. Do you need to speak up? Is it permissible for you to remain on mute? Or do you need to use push to talk? Continue reading to discover the basic dos and don’ts of fleet voice comms.

Please take note that this article relies on how Eve Rookies operates their fleet comms. Other groups will have their own sets of rules, do’s, and don’ts. If you are uncertain about whether something applies, it is always best to ask the FC!

What is Fleet Comms?

In Eve Online, fleets can grow large, and the pace of action can be rapid. Rather than typing instructions in the fleet chat window, most FCs opt to use a voice chat program like Discord. The ability to speak audibly facilitates fleet management.

What are Some Basic Do’s and Don’ts?

You have the voice chat software that the FC is going to use downloaded and you’re logged in. What are some things that you should do?

Do Set Up Push to Talk

You’re going to want to set up push to talk in whatever voice software that’s being used. Let me explain quickly what push to talk is.

In most voice software used by Eve Online pilots, you can set a key on your keyboard or a button on your mouse to “push to talk”. Then, in order to say something in fleet voice comms, you will need to press that key or hold that button on your mouse.

Why do you want to set up push to talk? To keep yourself from doing something called “hot-miking”. This means that voice activation keeps picking up your TV, the kids in the background, your fan or the dog barking downstairs. These noises are often annoying and distracting for the FC as well as everyone else on fleet.

Note that some Discord servers will force Push to Talk. You won’t have a choice.

Do Ask Questions When Appropriate

Almost all NPSI (not purple shoot it) or open group fleets (like Eve Rookies) will do what we call a “newbro speech”. This is where everything about the fleet will be explained so that those who are brand new to the activity or particular fleet understand what’s happening.

It’s almost always appropriate to ask any questions that may pop into your head during the newbro speech, especially when the FC pauses. Those pauses are usually to see if anyone has questions. Or take a breath..

And of course if you’re not sure why the FC asked the fleet to do something or you were confused about what went down during a fight, you’re always free to ask. If the scout and FC are talking, it might be better to write it in the fleet chat so the FC can address it at a better opportunity. Or if the fleet is waiting on a gate, there’s long pauses, you can ask in fleet comms.

Don’t Interrupt the FC or Scout if They’re Speaking

When the FC is talking, they are conveying important instructions to the fleet. It could be your next destination, align, or even target. Likewise, when the scout is talking to the FC, they’re conveying information that could be important.

This means that when the FC and scout start to talk, or are talking, the rest of the fleet should be silent.

The one caveat is the scout is allowed to interrupt the FC. Sometimes the situation they run into is moving quickly, they can’t wait for the FC to stop talking.

Do Stop Talking When You Hear “Check Check”

When the FC or scout says “check check” that means for anyone who’s not the scout or FC to stop talking. It’s a polite way to say, “shut up” to the fleet.

Don’t Take a Fleet Role if You Can’t Speak Out Loud on Comms

Fleet roles are things like scout, dictor, boosh, etc. Pilots who fly these ships may need to openly communicate with the FC and other pilots in roles. It’s incredibly annoying to have to read this in fleet chat.

If you’re only flying DPS, it’s usually fine to have your mic muted. You can talk to the rest of the fleet by typing in the fleet chat window.. However, please don’t stay muted if you’re taking on a role!

Don’t Get Offended if the FC Hushes You

Sometimes the fleet may be waiting around on intel or a target and the FC lets everyone chit chat on voice comms. This is very common. However, sometimes some people get a little enthusiastic and keep talking even though it’s time to get down to business. If this is you, the FC may tell you to stop talking or ask for clear fleet voice comms.

Don’t get offended. The FC isn’t out to get you, they’re just trying to get the fleet moving again!

By Kshal Aideron

Eve main: Kshal Aideron Corp: FUN Inc NPSI community FC and newbro queen

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