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The (J)FC that is going to run the fleet will need to not only start the fleet, but also do the invites and ship handouts. The following is the guidelines involved with setting up the fleet.

Set up the Fleet

First thing is first, you need to set up the fleet. A good way to get everything you need is have a FC set up the fleet first and then you can save the fleet settings and MOTD. If you want to set it up from scratch, you will need the following elements.

Fleet Set Up

VG Fleet Set Up

To properly set up the fleet, you will need:

  • Fleet wings: you will need 2 wings.
    • On-grid: this is the 13 pilots who are on the watch list.
    • Off-grid: this is your scout, dropper, and any alts that aren’t needed at the moment. If you have a booster that isn’t taking payouts, make sure logi have them on their watch list even though they’re technically “off-grid”.
  • Squads: you will need to create squads for the 2 wings. They’re clones of each other.
    • Short range: this is where you’ll put your blaster praxis, hyperions and vindi.
    • Long range: this is where you put your sniper praxis, nightmares, machariels and marauders.
    • Logi: your logi ships go here.
    • Boosts: your boost ship goes here.


Your fleet MOTD needs to have the following, at minimum:

  • ER pre-flight checklist
  • Place for your roles
    • FC: your name
    • DDD: put your DDD there
    • Scout: put dedicated scout’s name if we have one
  • Hard rules:
    • no kill rights
    • no war decs
    • no fw toons
    • safety has to be green
    • broadcast when yellow boxed
    • no entering site w/o FC permission. Check for natural phenomenon.
  • Eve Rookies corp link for SRP
  • Feedback link

Taking X’s for the Fleet

Finally, start putting pilots into your fleet! Here are the rules for setting up fleet:

  • do NOT start taking X’s more than 10 minutes before the pinged start time.
  • when the X’s start, outside of logi, invites are first come first serve.
  • all pilots must link their ship fit.
    • resistances must meet the 70% minimum (there are a few ship fits that will be 65-67%)
    • ships with webs (vindi, hyperion and both praxis) must have the Federation Navy Stasis Webifier as a minimum
    • Kronos and Paladins can fly but are not eligible for SRP as they are non-doctrine ships
  • if there are more X’s than spots in fleet, ask any leadership or extra (J)FCs to step down or leave fleet and fly along side to get more pilots on grid.
  • if there are still more pilots than spots and the X’s have never been in an incursion fleet, ask a regular if they could step down for the night to give a new player the opportunity to fly.
  • of course, IF there is enough FCs available and around 20 pilots, start a second fleet!

Handling Handout Ships

Any pilot can borrow a praxis for a deposit of 250m. The 250m is returned to the pilot when they leave as long as the ship is returned. The following are the rules for ship handouts:

  • when a pilot needs a handout, they will usually have this as part of their XUP.
  • trade the type of praxis to the pilot and wait for them to add the 250m to the trade window before hitting accept.
  • the pilot should be instructed to hand the ship back to whatever character made the trade to make handing the isk easier.
  • in the case the pilot needs to quit before the fleet ends and there is no FC with an alt that has access to the handout ships in staging, instruct the pilot to contract the praxis and put that they will receive 250m. Make sure to READ the contract before accepting to not get ripped off.
  • if you’re not going to be in fleet the entire time, let another FC who is do the hand outs. Or put the isk into the corp wallet before logging off.
  • instruct the pilot who receives the ship to check the ammo and drones to make sure they’re topped off.

By Kshal Aideron

Eve main: Kshal Aideron Corp: FUN Inc NPSI community FC and newbro queen

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