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Before the fleet starts doing Vanguard Incursions, the FC will give what’s known as a “rookie player” speech.

The purpose of this speech is to make sure that anyone new to the activity has their character set up properly, knows in general what they’re supposed to do, gives out roles (if any) and is the opportunity for players to ask questions.

To help speed along the rookie player speech for Incursions, please check out the VG Incursion pre-flight check list.

The VG Incursion Rookie Player Speech Checklist

This check list assumes that the (J)FC knows how each one of the functions works in order to guide a player through fixing it or setting it up.

Checklist ItemSpeech ExampleLeadership Notes
1. Create watchlistFirst off, I need everyone to set up your watchlist. Does anyone not know how to do this?Tip: do this bit while you’re finishing setting up fleet.
2. Shield hardeners and other spinney bitsWhenever you undock, turn your spinney bits on. Spinney bits is reference to all passive modules such as your shield hardeners, tracking computers and sebos. These never turn off, so if you’re running out of cap please broadcast. This is why we run with Basi as logi ships! Make sure that all shield hardeners are on, even if you’re changing systems. Undocked = hardeners on.
3. Safety to greenNow I need everyone to check their safety settings. They need to be green, especially if you participate in PVP. If they’re not green and something happens, you will unfortunately not be eligible for SRP.You can use this video as an example of why the safety is set to green. This pilot’s safety was RED and he shot a yellow wreck.
4. Tagging columnPlease make sure you have your tagging column set up on your overview. Does anyone NOT have it set yet?If someone didn’t read the pre-flight check list and hasn’t done this bit, walk them through setting it up.
5. Who follows what tagsSince everyone has their tagging column set up, this is a good time to make sure everyone knows what tags to follow. Long range, or snipers, follow letters. Short range, or blasters, follow numbers. Marauders are considered long range in our fleets. Nobody shoots the X. Once your tags are gone, help by moving on to the other tags and stay in order.If you do not reset back to 1 and A after every wave, please make sure to mention that they need to shoot 78912 in order, not switch to 1 and 2 before 789. Same with letters.
6. DronesFirst, everyone needs to check to make sure their drones are set to passive and focus fire.

In Vanguards, everyone will assist their drones to the Drone Bunny or DDD. Does anyone not know how to do this? Our DDD tonight is {player-name}.
If someone doesn’t know how to set their drones to passive/focus fire walk them through it. The same with assisting.

Pick a DDD from the vindi ships if there are some, otherwise pick a blaster.
7. BroadcastsSo to confirm with logi, you have {number-of-players} on your watch list?

Can everyone broadcast for shields please?

This is what you’re going to do when the rats YELLOW box you. By the time they red box you, you’re going to be taking damage. So remember to broadcast when you’re yellow boxed.
You’re watching to make sure everyone has a shield by their name on your watch list. Anyone who is on grid but doesn’t show up needs to change the arrow on the fleet window to +.
8. Shield alarmsIn fact, to help remind you, please make sure your shield alarm is set to 95%. Does anyone need help setting this up?If anyone needs help, walk them through it.
9. SRPAt this time, if you have brought your OWN ship, you can buy into Eve Rookies SRP. For 15m you will covered for up to 6b in loss if it comes from FC, JFC, or Logi error. Getting caught by a successful gank is also covered as long as all FC directions were followed.Link Eve Rookies in fleet chat so everyone who wants to buy in can right click the link and pay their 15m. This is optional.

VG Incursion Speech Guidelines

The following are the guidelines to follow for the rookie speech. Please note the speech examples above is Kshal’s voice. Please feel free to develop your own style as long as everything stays clear and concise.

  • JFC must give the speech every fleet, regardless of the number of new players.
  • FCs may choose to do an abbreviated speech if there isn’t anyone new in fleet
  • When doing the full speech, make sure to hit on all 9 points in the speech.
  • give ample opportunity for players to ask questions

Things We Will Cover in Other Parts of the Fleet

The following are the things we’ve removed from the rookie speech and will cover as it comes up:

  • when to drop drones (OTAs wait till 5 Eystur’s show up)
  • when to assist drones (we do not assist in OTAs)
  • when to ask for gate status (we usually wait until after we’re in the 1st site or it comes up)
  • how to align down the gate (1st site)
  • keeping your fleet window on history tab for aligns (after newbro speech)

By Kshal Aideron

Eve main: Kshal Aideron Corp: FUN Inc NPSI community FC and newbro queen

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