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The following are the FC guidelines for VGs. FCs are required to know the guidelines and follow them.

The current VG FCs are:

  • Rukia Sheragi
  • Earl Sheldon
  • Lexx
  • Kshal Aideron
  • Exar’Kon
  • Daria
  • Sasha Panther

Eve Rookies Core Values

Eve Rookies Vanguard Incursion fleets are 100% rookie friendly. This means both in skills as well as player experience. We regularly get players that have never flown in any fleet, or any incursion fleet. This means that the FC has to be willing to help guide and teach players.

In addition to the guidelines, FCs are expected to follow the Eve Rookies Core Values.

General FC Guidelines for VGs

In order to maintain order, there are a few general guidelines FCs are expected to follow.

  • The FC needs to have a character in Eve Rookies in order to have access to the ship hand outs and petty cash. Petty cash is used for restocking ammo, boost charges, etc. It can also be used to pay for scouts.
  • The FC can and is encouraged to ping extra fleets outside of the normal running days. However, do not ping for a fleet that you can’t make unless you have a backup FC that said they can cover you.
  • The FC runs a fleet as they see fit within the guidelines and core values. This means:
    • The FC can backseat a JFC if they feel comfortable, or decline for whatever reason.
    • The FC will be responsible for what happens in fleet and take accountability.
    • The FC is free to develop their own style of running a fleet.
    • The FC can slow down a fleet to allow newer, less skilled players to participate if they feel that the players aren’t having fun (i.e. tell the snipers to leave the Tamas alone).
    • The FC can choose to contest a site or not. If the FC contests a site, read the room before doing it again to make sure this is something the fleet enjoys. However, the FC should not use contesting to grief other groups that are running.
    • The FC can choose to hand out a ship without the 250m collateral if THEY are willing to personally cover the loss if a pilot doesn’t return it.
    • If the FC forgets to hand back the 250m, hand it back and apologize as soon as possible.
    • The FC can hand out the FC ships. A list of allowed pilots is on the corp MOTD.
  • FC as boost is not barred from payout. It is entirely up to the FC if they want to give up their spot to fit another pilot into the fleet or not. If the FC doesn’t want to give up payout, they will not be made to feel bad about it.
  • People over boxes. If there’s a lack of pilots for a fleet, or a role (i.e. logi), the FC may choose to allow boxes. However, if a real person shows up it’s expected that box spots are given up. If the FC is boxing, their box can be the last to go.

Running a Fleet as FC

FCs are expected to know the ins and outs of:

  • How to set up a fleet.
  • The different roles within fleet.
  • The fits the fleet uses (so they can look at a fit and judge if it’s appropriate or not).
  • Know the newbro speech and be able to give it in a way everyone understands.
  • How to tag and WHY we tag in a certain way.
  • How to deal with emergencies such as:
    • DCs (disconnects)
    • Leeroying (someone jumps into a site before FC gives command)
    • Ganks
    • When to call for battle reps

There will be situations where the FC will be made to make judgements and decisions on their own. For example, if there’s only a few short range in the fleet the FC may decide to try to get as many Tama out of the way before they can get too close. Or the FC may decide to stand down the fleet if there isn’t enough DPS left to safely complete a fleet (it’s going on so long the Praxis are running out of cap, for example).

Backseating a JFC

In order for a JFC to get their wings, they first must be ‘back seated’ by a full fledged FC. This section pertains to FCs, if you’re interested in becoming a JFC head over to the Becoming a JFC page!

Being a back seat to a JFC is exactly like having a driver instructor. The back seat is there to slam the breaks if something goes wrong or the JFC is struggling. To try to give a consistent, safe and pleasant experience to the person trying to earn their wings we have come up with some back seating guidelines.

Backseating Guidelines

  • An FC needs to have FC’d at least 3 fleets (with no negative feedback) before back seating a JFC.
  • A returning FC that been gone 3 or more months needs to be in 2 fleets (at least 1 as FC) before agreeing to back seat.
  • Don’t feel pressured to back seat for someone. If you’re not comfortable, tired or not in the right mind set, say no. Being the back seat is NOT an obligation.
  • Let the JFC do the work themselves. Resist the temptation to do it for them if they’re capable.
  • Let the JFC make mistakes without constantly correcting them on comms. Either open an in game convo with them to give small corrections or wait till their debrief after the fleet.
  • Feel free to ask the JFC questions about why they’re doing something. It’s important to know why they’re doing something as much as doing it. However, don’t question their every move or make the entire fleet about questioning why they’re doing stuff.
  • After the fleet, pull the JFC into the leadership chat for a quick 5 minute debrief. Ask them how they thought the fleet went and ask them what they think they did well and what they should improve upon. Once they’ve given you their impression, feel free to give them constructive feedback yourself.
  • Have the JFC fill out their debrief form after the fleet.
  • Fill out your backseat debrief form. Nobody else except Kshal Aideron sees this. So if you have an issue with a JFC that you can’t work out with them, then mention it on the form.

By Kshal Aideron

Eve main: Kshal Aideron Corp: FUN Inc NPSI community FC and newbro queen

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