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Different structures have different services. Some will have clone bays, some won’t. Some don’t have a market, LP store or reprocessing. So how do you find a structure with the services you’re looking for?

With the Structure Browser of course!

What is the Structure Browser?

The structure browser lets you filter on:

  • Facility type (public or corp owned)
  • Area the structure should be in
  • Structure type
  • Service
In game structure browser

This way you can find the closest structure that fits your current needs.

Where is the Structure Browser?

Go to the menu and open the utilities. You’ll see the structure browser.

Finding the structure browser

How to Find a Structure with a Clone Bay

You’re out doing SOE (Sisters of Eve) missions, or maybe incursions. You want to go somewhere else but you want to leave a clone in the current system so you can leave your ship (or implants) and easily get back. However, the current system doesn’t have any structures with a clone bay! What do you do?

  1. Open the structure browser.
  2. Choose if you want all facilities, public or corp owned.
  3. Choose if you want the current region, constellation or entire solar system.
  4. Choose the structure types you want the clone bay to be in.
  5. In the service filter, make sure clone bay is checked.
Clone bay
In the system my character is currently in, there are 4 options. These are all NPC structures (i.e. public) and it will cost me 900k isk to install a clone. I’ll now right click on the Ministry of Assessment Bureau Offices and fly over to install my clone.
Setting desto to structure

How to Find a Refinery to Compress Ore

You’re a miner and your ore hold is full! You want to find a refinery in order to compress the ore so you can go back and mine more. How do you find a refinery?

  1. Open the structure browser.
  2. Choose “all facilities” or “corp owned”.
  3. Choose region.
  4. Choose refinery in structure type, to make it easy uncheck everything else.

Now you can see where the closest system is to refine your ore!

Structure browser filter

The structure browser is very useful to see where things you need are, without having to fly aimlessly around looking for what you need! You can also find stations with an LP store, market, or that offers repairs! Loads of useful things!

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