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Implant basics is something that every pilot in New Eden should know about. You actually get an implant as part of the tutorial, but unfortunately nobody really explains anything more about them. So keep reading to find out what implants are, why you’d want to use them, and how to keep them safe!

What are Implants?

An implant is an item within Eve Online that a pilot can plug into their head. They can do everything from boosting your character’s attributes (which make skills attached to those attributes train faster) to upping your scan resolution or giving you a little more room with your capacitor for a fit.

There are 10 “slots” that implants can go into. Slots 1-5 are for implants that increase your attributes and 6-10 are for implants that do all of the other things.

How to Use an Implant?

Cybernetics. In order to use an implant, you need at least level 1 of Cybernetics. The better the implant, the more in Cybernetics you’ll need. Be aware that alphas can only go up to Cybernetics III and you will need Science III as a prerequisite.

Plugging it in. Once you have the required skill(s) to use the implant, you need to plug it in. Locate the implant in your ship item hold or the station item hold. Right click your implant and choose the “plug in” option on the menu.

Congrats, you’re now wearing your shiny new implant.

How to See What Implants You are Wearing

Now that you know what implants are and how to install them, the next in implant basics is knowing how to find WHAT you’re currently wearing!

  1. Open your character sheet.
  2. Make sure you’re on the character tab (1st tab).
  3. Go to the Augmentations sub tab (2nd tab).
  4. See what implants you’re wearing.

How to Remove Your Implants

There are 2 main reasons someone would want to remove an implant from their clone.

Reason 1: they’re going to upgrade their implants to the next level in quality.

Reason 2: you were killed in pvp and don’t want your murderers to get the value of the implants on the kill mail when they pod you.

Even if you have other reasons, simply go to your augmentations tab on your character sheet. Then you’ll right click the implant(s) you want to remove and select unplug.

What Destroys Your Implants?

Once you put the implants in your head, know that the only time they’re safe is when you’re clone is docked up. Otherwise the following situations WILL destroy your implants:

  • removing them from your head
  • self destructing your pod
  • getting podded (a player blows your pod up)
Don’t go out in your training implants!!

Preserving Your Implants

You can have several different sets of implants on different clones as long as you have the jump clone spots (9 with max skills).

NPC structures: as of August 2022 you are now allowed to jump between 2 clones in an NPC structure that has a clone bay WITHOUT resetting the jump clone timer! This is NOW the safest place to store your expensive implants!

There is a cost to switch clones which is 999,999 isk.

Player structures with clone bays: if a player structure has a clone bay, you can set up a clone and then jump in and out of it at will. You may have to pay to jump but your jump timer has no effect unless you’re trying to jump from one structure to another.

Make sure if you have an expensive set of implants, such as high grade training implants (these are the improved implants for each attribute), to leave them in a structure who’s owner you trust. I personally leave mine in the TTT in Perimeter since the chances of that structure going away is super low.

Check your clone before undocking! If you’re wearing implants, always just open up your character sheet and check that augmentation tab to see if your clone has implants. Unless you’re intending to wear them, at this time jump out of them and go on and do what you’re wanting to do in a “clean” or “empty” clone.

That’s It for Implant Basics

And that’s really it for implant basics! If you’re wondering about the types of implants, you can see a list right here. As for the cost, it really depends on the implant. Some you can buy from LP (loyalty point) stores as well.

In general, you may need a cheap 1% energy grid or capacitor implant to get into a certain pvp fit or you might want one to help increase your scan resolution in certain ships.

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