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If you want to participate in the ganking 101 training class, you’ll want to create a new alpha account and train it up with the following plan. Since we’re using Catalysts, choose Gallente!

If you need a friend’s link to get the 1 million skill points, you can use this one:

Note: as of fall 2022, in order to turn a safety to RED the account the character is on MUST be omega. However, you can still utalize this training plan as alpha.

So you have your fresh Alpha account. Now what? Create a Gallente character, send 9 million isk to the new account (for buying skills) and start training according to this training plan:

  • Surgical Strike 4
  • Small Hybrid Turret 5
  • Small Blaster Specialization 3
  • Rapid Firing 4
  • Weapon Upgrades 4
  • Motion Prediction 3
  • Sharpshooter 3
  • Trajectory Analysis 2
  • Power Grid Management 4
  • Thermodynamics 1
  • Spaceship Command 4
  • Gallente Frigate 3
  • Gallente Destroyer 4

If you have left over skill points, or time to do some more training, push towards a Coercer!

  • Amarr frigate 3
  • Amarr destroyer 4
  • Small energy turrets 4

And of course if you still have some SP left, work on:

  • Evasive maneuvering 3
  • High speed maneuvering 3
  • Warp drive operation 3
  • Navigation 4
  • Small energy turrets 4
  • Small pulse laser specialization 3

If you have any questions, hit up Kshal Aideron in game! Keep an eye on htts:// for the next Ganking 101 class!

Why Promote Ganking?

First, like it or hate it, ganking is a valid form of Eve Online game play. It falls within CCP’s TOS and ganking mechanics have continued to be sanctioned by CCP over and over.
With that being said, learning the mechanics of a gank means YOU probably won’t be ganked. You know who to look for and what signs to look for.

By Kshal Aideron

Eve main: Kshal Aideron Corp: FUN Inc NPSI community FC and newbro queen

2 thoughts on “Ganking 101 Training Plan”
    1. Ganking is a play style like all of the others in the game. It may not be your play style and that’s ok. Besides, knowledge is power and if players learn how a high sec gank works it’s very easy to spot it happening during game play.

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